7 - Chris Moffatt

Chris is a long time Mohawk who can usually be found in Center Field. Known for his rocket arm in the field and power swing at the dish, 'Moff" as he's called by teammates, is an elite 2-tool player. An argument for a full 5-tool player could be made as he does hit for a decent average, rarely makes egregious errors in the field, and does possess sneaky spead for an aging bean pole.  Chris works as a realestate agent for Crocus Realty in Morden. Chris and his wife Jennie, just recently welcomed their first child into their family, Trey Jeter. The family spends their time away from the diamond with their dog Roger and knitting cute sweaters for their cat Carl.

8 - Kevin Rach

Kevin 'K-Pup' Rach, is unofficially the longest serving Mohawk player. No one can confirm this as memories do not span that length of time. At the ballpark, Kevin can be spotted patrolling the corner outfield positions or breathing life into his alter ego 'Sal' as the Tribe's bullpen catcher. Away from the park, he's employed to watch and critique movies at Acklands Grainger in Winkler. Ladies looking for a guy with mad instagram skills? Look no further, as K-Pup does a top-notch job of running the Mohawks instagram account, and as far as we know, he's single. Kevin's heros include Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

10 - Steve Mullin

Steve, was originally and conventionally nicknamed 'Mully', which sounds similar to the X-files' Agent Scully, so that resulted in the nickname 'Secret Agent Mully'. It's no secret however, that the Mully has been a key to the Mohawks offense over the years, providing top-tier left handed power. Steve takes on the lion's share of the catching duties for the tribe but does find himself in the 'Old Guy' position of Designated Hitter or First Base from time to time. An immigrant from Cartwright, Mully is the Assistant Coach for the Winkler Flyers Jr. A Hockey Club. This is made econmically sustainable as his wife Morgan, an immigrant herself from Ontario, is a teacher. They have two future Mohawks that can often be seen at the ballpark chanting 'Go Daddy Go'.

12 - Mike Mutcheson

Mike is another new member to the Mohawks this season. 'Sonny' as he's known, will see a fair number of innings on the hill, as well as some spot duty in the infield or as the DH. Mike played NCAA Division 1 Baseball at Creighton University, which bares little significance other than that's how he met the only thing he has going for him, his wife Liz. The two just welcomed their first child, Gunner Raymond into their family. Sonny works at Manitoba Public Insurance, ensuring you get screwed on your next claim. Away from the ballpark, Mike likes playing intense games of chinese checkers or cribbage, and fantasizing about someday having his very own chicken coup.

13 - Sam Bryson

Sam Bryson, known as Sammy B, is the Mohawk's usual Shortstop. An all-around good player, Sammy B can steal bases and crush homeruns, on top of his generally stout defense. Sam teaches at the Miami Hutterite Colony, and since he isn't educated in German, farming techniques and practices, or colony style living, we're not entirely sure what he teaches there. Although he'd rather be a settler of Catan, Sam and his wife Kara, who also happens to be a teacher, have settled in Carman with their son Carter and dog Cooper. When he's not at the ball park Sam can usually be found making chili, playing a board game, or photoshopping selfies to make his mustache look like Tom Selleck's.

16 - Sam Kalinowski

Sam Kalinowski, known as Sammy K (the arrival of the two Sammy's marked a real low point in the club's nickname creativity), is a right-handed pitcher for the Mohawks who can also play almost anywhere in the field if needed, as he has a great understanding of the game. No one is sure anymore which hand Sammy naturally bats and there's a chance even he's forgotten, as he takes batting practice from both sides of the plate with fading certainty. Although Sam looks like he may still be in high school, he's actually a student at the University of Manitoba. Apart from baseball Sammy loves cheering on the University of Wisconsin Badgers, drinking Bud heavies, and exaggerting what can only be a mild case of scoliosis.

17 - Jesse Mutcheson

"Mutchie here," is just one of the token sayings you might overhear the Mohawks' corner out and infielder say. On top of his wonderful utility in the field, Jesse can eat innings on the mound when a game gets out of reach. Jesse, who was a former track star, also excels at stealing bases and hustling out infield hits. Infamously single, he is known across southern Manitoba as having some of the wittiest comebacks when his pickup lines are rejected. Classics such as, "Build a bridge and get over yourself," or "Too bad they (girls) aren't as cool as us eh fellas?", are already the stuff of legend. Jesse works in the summers for DL Seeds north of Morden. In his spare time, Jesse enjoys reading the news items and player bios on this website, and drinking the occasional bud light.

19 - Pearce McDonald

Pearce has a nickname, 'Lurch', except no one on the Mohawks calls him that. He spends a lot of his time in center or left field, and the rest of it on the mound as one of the few southpaws in the league. One of the most consistent hitters in the Tribe's line-up, Pearce often bats in the meat of the order, or more recently, as the lead-off hitter. After playing some college ball in the states, Pearce found a job at Parmalat in St. Claude. Thankfully he works no where near the milk, instead he's in the office, doing, something. Aside from baseball, Pearce likes debating with friends, basketball, and spontaneously dancing on the roofs of cars. 

27 - Ryan Steppler

Ryan, known as 'Steps' or 'Steppy', has settled in as the Mohawks' second baseman after years of service at third. He's well known throughout the region for his tremendous defense, and horrendous speed. The latter aided by his short stature and the process of aging. Steppy teaches in Manitou at the Elementary School, and helps out at the family farm near Miami. Steps and his wife Lesley just built a new house in the country, which should provide lots of room for their son Maverick to play outside if that's what kids still do these days. In his free time, Ryan spends his time wallowing in regret for not juicing in college and making it to the pros, and practicing his walking 'strut' up and down the hallways of his new house.

35 - Brent Laverty

'Lavs' is the new coach for the Tribe this season. On top of his coaching duties, you may see him act as the DH some games, or if the rumour is true, catch a game. Brent comes back to Mohawks after a decade of coaching the Pembina Valley Orioles Junior team. He works as a realestate agent for Crocus Realty out of the Morden Office. The general consensus is that we hope his daughter Bree turns out more like her mother (Brent's wife Rochelle) than him. Outside of baseball and his family, Lavs enjoys sipping down only the necks of beers, and feeding his unhealthy obsession with Wayne Gretzky.

40 - Derek Holenski

Derek Holenski (D-Hole), also referred to as 'Holes', is a right handed pitcher for the Tribe. D-Hole needs to use his wide array of pitches to keep hitters off balance, and to compensate for his lack in velocity. You may also see him manning first base for the Mohawks if absolutely necessary. Derek works for Wentworth Ag near Morden, where as far as anyone can tell, all he does there is organize trips to watch his boss' beloved Detroit Tigers. Apart from baseball, Holes likes wings, creating unique, obscure, and sometimes offensive fantasy sports team names, and his new found role as step dad for his American girlfriend's daughter.

66 - Blake Hartry

The 'Bagman' is the usual third baseman for the Mohawks, but you may see him behind the dish calling the game every now and then. A patient hitter with ample power, he has become one of the most feared hitters in the province. Blake takes his job doing driving testing for Manitoba Public Insurance quite seriously. He allegedly once failed a driver before even reaching their car. Known also as 'Harts', that's exactly what he breaks with his magnificent dance moves, often on display at a local watering hole or social hall. The Bagman spends his days complaining about the weather, and drinking twisted teas while wearing his trademark white tees.

93 - Matt Sibbald

'Sibby', 'Sibs', 'Scribbald', 'Scrabs', or the self-proclaimed 'Sib-the-douche', are some of the names you may hear the Mohawks corner outfileder called. Sibbald also sees some innings at first base. Yet another quality bat from the left side, Sibs will also attempt a lot of stolen bases. Sibby says he works at Sawatzky's Furniture in their Winkler store, but always seems to have instant updates or stats, regarding any MLB matinee games. Away from the diamond, Scrabs can be found verbally assaulting the children(likely) he plays online video games against, or wearing eagles wings while singing lead vocals for his musical group, Uncle Jake's Country Band. 


5 - Emmanuel Lantigua

Manny (second from the left) is a new member to not only the Mohawks, but to the country of Canada. After an unsuccessful debut album with his pictured Dominican boy band, Manny decided to move to Morden with his wife Helena. The big third baseman is as smooth as it gets in the field, and has as nice a swing you'll see from a Tribe batsman. Currently attempting to teach the Mohawks Spanish while at the ball field, Manny spends his days away from the park throwing pool parties and maintaining a legitimately fire instagram page.

14 - Tanner Bergman

Tanner is playing his first season as a member of the Mohawks. He splits his time between the Tribe and the Pembina Valley Orioles Jr team, which has created some confusion for him as he has shown little to no ability to keep the schedules of the two teams straight. Tanner can play the outfield or third base, and even toss a few innings here or there. His label as the 'Fastest Kid Alive' has certainly helped him maintain a spot with the big league club, and not being optioned to AAA Neche. Bergman spends his time away from the game working for One Two Tree Service, and volunteering at Old Timey Re-enactment Shows.

18 - Mckenzie Hamm

Hammer, as he's called, is also in his first season with the Tribe. Mack has seen time in the outfield, first base, and on the mound for the Mohawks so far this year. Known for his ability to conjure a question in almost every situation imaginable, the picture above raises many questions of it's own. Hammer is another player who splits time between the Tribe and the Orioles, but seems to have a good handle on the schedules. When he's not around the diamond, he enjoys spending his time wishing his house had heat, and getting caught in the middle of police shootings in Portage la Prairie.


23 - Taylor Drobot

Taylor comes back to the Mohawks after a couple seasons of focusing on Junior. Drobot played for the Tribe three years ago during their first of three league championships. As a versatile defender, Drobo-Cop can be found patrolling the field at almost any position but bat catcher. He holds down a job at Decor Cabinets where due to safety restrictions, he can only dream about twirling his now mid-back length hair around his finger. A Jesse Mutcheson protégé in some respects, Taylor spends his free time wondering what it would be like to have girlfriend like his fellow Tribe and O's teammates Tanner and Mackenzie.


  • Extras Again, Mohawks walk-off Regals 7-6
  • Clearwater @ Morden Mohawks, June 19th, @ 7pm
  • Thanks To All The Mohawks Sponsors For Making Mohawk Baseball Possible!
  • Border League Title Defense Continues #DriveForFive
  • Mohawks and Twins tie at 6
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