2022 Tournament Schedule

Posted September 2, 2022

2022 Tournament Schedule

Tournament Rules


  • 7 inning games


  • For pool games, no inning starts after 1 hour 10 minutes. No time limit in semis or finals


  • Mercy is 15 runs after 5 innings.


  • Higher seed during regular season has choice of home or away for all games


  • Home team does not get to bat in bottom half of last inning if they are winning for run differential purposes


  • Cap is 15 runs MAX per game for +/-


  • There will be no ties in any games. Extra innings will be played. Inning will start with 1 out and

last out on second base.


  • All other league rules apply




Top 8 will play in the A side and Bottom 6 will play in the B side. Every team will get 3 guaranteed games.


'A' side is 2 pools of 4. 3 games in round robin and top 2 teams in each pool play crossover semi. Winners of the semis will play in the A final.


'B' side will be 1 pool of 6 with 3 Round robin games. After 3 Games, Top 2 teams will play in a B Final.



Tiebreakers for Pool Play:


                                                       1. Head to Head

                                              2.    Run Differential (RF-RA)

                              3. Fewest Runs Against