Commissioner Schedule

Posted May 12, 2020

We have put together a Schedule of who will be Commissioner of the Middlesex Men's Slo-Pitch League for the next 15 years.  This is to spread out the responsibility to all teams, and to also have 2 teams involved, at the same time, for transparency.  The Jr. Commissioner will learn from the Commissioner  (website, scheduling, tournament etc.). 

The Commissioner should also be a different person then the Team Captain.  That way you still have 14 Team Captains to vote on issues and the Commissioner only votes if there is a tie.

Below is the Schedule of Commissioner


2020 Andy Marshall Mark Read
2021 Andy Marshall Mark Read
2022 Mark Read Aces
2023 Aces Granton
2024 Granton Maniacs
2025 Maniacs Ramrod
2026 Ramrod Longballs
2027 Longballs Wildcats
2028 Wildcats Arva A's
2029 Arva A's Brewers
2030 Brewers Outlaws
2031 Outlaws Dingers
2032 Dingers Bangers
2033 Bangers Last Call
2034 Last Call Ilderton
2035 Ilderton Bulldogs