Michiana Mystique Annual Tailgate and Raffle Ticket Sale

September 26th in Library Parking Lot

See your favorite player to purchase your tickets!!!


Please check out the About Us section and Calendar section for further information regarding the organization and tournaments in which we participate.



Congrats to 12U Mystique for going 5-0 at the Concord Classic!

14U 4th place finish @ PGF 48 team Midwest Regional - St. Charles, IL

18U PGF Showcase Champions!














14U ASA National Qualifier Champions - Cincinnati, OH

14U ASA National Qualifier Champions - Cincinnati, OH   


                                                                                                 16U Silver - Bloomington, IN                                             












                                      16U Navy - Owensboro, KY






  • Welcome to the home page for all Michiana Mystique Softball Teams
  • Practice and tournament schedule listed on the calendar
  • Congratulations 18U Mystique for winning Indiana ASA State Championship!
  • Congrats 14U on 4th place finish in 48 team PGF Midwest Regional
  • Congratulations 18U on PGF Showcase/Special Qualifier Championship and a 3rd Place Finish in the PGF Midwest Regional Championship