2015-16 Tryouts

Needed 16U catcher!!

If interested in tryout or you have not heard on your status after tryouts please email dmaustin1@msn.com







Please check out the About Us section and Calendar section for further information regarding the organization and tournaments in which we participate.


Congrats to 12U Mystique for going 5-0 at the Concord Classic!

14U 4th place finish @ PGF 48 team Midwest Regional - St. Charles, IL

18U PGF Showcase Champions!














14U ASA National Qualifier Champions - Cincinnati, OH

14U ASA National Qualifier Champions - Cincinnati, OH   


                                                                                                 16U Silver - Bloomington, IN                                             












                                      16U Navy - Owensboro, KY






  • Welcome to the home page for all Michiana Mystique Softball Teams
  • Practice and tournament schedule listed on the calendar
  • Congratulations 18U Mystique for winning Indiana ASA State Championship!
  • Congrats 14U on 4th place finish in 48 team PGF Midwest Regional
  • Congratulations 18U on PGF Showcase/Special Qualifier Championship and a 3rd Place Finish in the PGF Midwest Regional Championship