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Date  Location Visitor Home Result (Record)
May 26/18 2:00pm Pine Island, MN Axemen Pine Island Pioneers -
May 27/18 3:00pm Viroqua Axemen Viroqua Sox -
Jun 2/18 2:00pm Mauston Sparta Miller Axemen -
Jun 6/18 7:30pm Spring Valley Axemen Spring Valley Hawks -
Jun 16/18 1:30pm Norwalk Axemen Norwalk Knights -
Jun 17/18 2:00pm Mauston Viroqua Sox Axemen -
Jun 23/18 2:00pm Mauston CCV Blues Axemen -
Jun 24/18 2:00pm Mauston Bangor Redbirds Axemen -
Jun 30/18 2:00pm Mauston Norwalk Knights Axemen -
Jul 1/18 2:00pm Sparta Axemen Sparta Miller -
Jul 14/18 1:00pm La Crescent Axemen La Crescent Cardinals -
Jul 14/18 3:00pm La Crescent La Crescent Cardinals Axemen -
Jul 20/18 7:30pm Poynette Axemen Poynette Indians -
Jul 21/18 7:00pm Bangor Axemen Bangor Redbirds -
Jul 25/18 7:30pm Coon Valley Axemen CCV Blues -
Jul 27/18 7:30pm Stoddard Axemen La Crosse 35ers -
Jul 29/18 2:00pm Mauston La Crosse 35ers Axemen -

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Recent Results
Sun Jul 29/18 2:00pm:
La Crosse 35ers -
Axemen -
Fri Jul 27/18 7:30pm:
Axemen -
La Crosse 35ers -
Wed Jul 25/18 7:30pm:
Axemen -
CCV Blues -

Countdown to
Home Game vs. Sparta-Miller

(Jul 7, 2012 @ 1:30pm)

WOOT WOOT. It's here!


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