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The LMBA has been established as a recreational yet competitive baseball league. The LMBA will not tolerate teams or individuals being involved in fighting, verbal or physical abuse, bringing and consuming alcoholic beverages and/or drugs to LMBA fields, and fields not being maintained properly. Many families and fans of all ages attend our games and it is everyone’s responsibility to represent the LMBA in a positive manner.  Therefore, a Code of Conduct for all LMBA members has been adopted and must be adhered to at all times.   


Manager’s Responsibilities:


¨     Managers are responsible for their teams, their players and spectators. Failure to attempt to control team members or fans may result in forfeiture of the game and possible suspension from the league.


¨     Managers are responsible for controlling their teams and their players’ behavior.  Managers of teams who have more than one disciplinary action related to fighting, abuse of officials or alcohol/drugs may be subject to suspension and removal from the manager role.


¨     Adhere to the LMBA Code of Conduct


LMBA Code of Conduct:


¨     It is EVERYONE’S responsibility to avoid any and all physical altercations.


¨     It is EVERYONE’S responsibility to contribute to a safe playing environment by treating teammates, coaches, managers, umpires, opponents and spectators with respect and courtesy.  This includes no throwing or abusing of equipment, and refraining from using abusive language and profanity.


¨     ANY Manager, Coach or player involved in any fight at an LMBA game or event, prior to, during or after the game or event, will be subject to ejection and further discipline to be determined by the LMBA executive.


¨     ANY verbally abusive attack on a game official, Manager, Coach or Player by another Manager, Coach or Player will result in an ejection and further discipline to be determined by the LMBA executive.


¨     If both teams leave their dugouts and/or fight, both teams will be ejected and receive a loss for that game, as well as further discipline to be determined by the LMBA executive. 


¨     Umpires are not to be physically or verbally abused.   Any player or manager ejected for verbal abuse of an umpire will be suspended for at least one game, and may be subject to further discipline to be determined by the LMBA executive.


¨     Players are to refrain from any objectionable demonstration of dissent at an umpire’s decision.  ONLY MANAGERS are to argue any questioned calls! Any player involved in said play must step aside and let their manager handle the situation. 

¨     Discussions with umpires are to be done on the field.  If any player, manager and/or spectator follows an umpire off the baseball field (as defined by fence lines) to confront, verbally abuse or threaten an umpire, they will face discipline up to and including expulsion from the LMBA.

¨     A member ejected more than once in a season may not be allowed to continue as a member in the LMBA subject to a review by the LMBA executive.


¨     Discipline may be applied for violations of the Code of Conduct regardless of whether the violation resulted in an ejection from a game.


¨     Alcohol or illegal drugs are NOT allowed on ANY fields at ANY time.


¨     Neither alcohol nor illegal drugs will be allowed at ANY LMBA event nor field, prior to or during any LMBA sponsored game or event.  This will apply to all Teams, Managers, Coaches, Players and Spectators.


¨     LMBA teams will be held responsible for their fan’s actions prior to and during all their games. Any spectators or anyone else possessing illegal drugs or alcohol will be informed of LMBA policy.  Failure to comply with requests to remove the banned substances may result in forfeiture of games and/or law enforcement being notified, resulting in possible arrest.



Recent Results
Sun Apr 14/19 5:30pm:
Burnaby Brewers 14
Surrey Sentinels 8
Sun Apr 14/19 5:00pm:
Langley Knights 5
Richmond Rainiers 0
Sun Apr 14/19 5:00pm:
Vancouver Mounties 3
South Delta Padres 4
Sun Apr 14/19 4:00pm:
Coquitlam Cardinals 11
Burnaby Blue Jays 1
Sun Apr 14/19 4:00pm:
Newton Royals 13
Aldergrove Sun Devils 1
Sun Apr 14/19 4:00pm:
Holly Hops 6
North Langley Expos 5
Sun Apr 14/19 12:00pm:
Langley Diamondbacks 1
Vancouver Blue Jays 12
Sun Apr 14/19 12:00pm:
Dewdney Bulls 6
Newton Pirates 4
Sun Apr 14/19 10:00am:
Aldergrove Giants 12
New Westminster Seagulls 0
Sun Apr 14/19 9:00am:
Howe Sound Hounds 13
Central City Dodgers 3
Sun Apr 14/19 9:00am:
New Westminster Twins 3
Vancouver Capilanos 9
Upcoming Games
Fri Apr 19/19 7:00pm:
@ City Park
Langley Diamondbacks -
Langley Canadians -
Fri Apr 19/19 7:00pm:
@ Hammond Stadium
Maple Ridge Js -
Dewdney Bulls -
Sat Apr 20/19 8:45am:
@ South Surrey Athletic Park
White Rock Legends -
White Rock Eagles -
Sat Apr 20/19 8:45am:
@ Hillcrest
BC Badgers -
Vancouver Pirates -
Sat Apr 20/19 9:00am:
@ Holly Park
Surrey Sun Devils -
POCO Colt 45's -
Sat Apr 20/19 9:00am:
Richmond Monarchs -
Delta Stars -
Sat Apr 20/19 12:00pm:
Newton Pirates -
Newton Beavers -
Sat Apr 20/19 3:00pm:
@ Holly Park
Newton Royals -
Holly Hops -
Sat Apr 20/19 5:00pm:
@ Robert Burnaby
Burnaby Pirates -
Burnaby Brewers -
Sat Apr 20/19 6:00pm:
Burnaby Blue Jays -
New Westminster Twins -




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2010 CNOBF Champs
2010 CNOBF Champs
2017 BC Capitals
Arizona 2009 - The LMBA/Hounds/Legends and one Cub (over 30 Division teams) pulled off the unthinkable in Phoenix. After finishing 8th in the round - robin out of ten and only the top 8 move on to the playoff round. That's right - three straight wins and some clutch hitting and great pitching , nine 9-inning games in six days and the BC boys pulled it off with an extra inning win in the Finals. What a great experience. This is big day for the LMBA. - Chad Miller -
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2010 CNOBF Champs