# Name  POS B T DOB Hometown
2 Todd Boote OF R R Nov 8/80 Lester
10 Lance Boote P L R Lester
28 Tim DeJong IF R R Larchwood
4 Cody Doorneweerd IF R R Lester
45 Curt Doorneweerd C-IF R R Aug 25/78 Lester
16 Evan Grotewold IF R L Larchwood
1 Steve Hawf IF R R Jan 1/82 Larchwood
6 Caleb Heyer OF R R Lester
9 Jeff Hoogeveen P R R Sep 14/71 Lester
22 Adam Kellenberger IF-OF S R Mar 5/86 Lester
34 Clint Metzger OF R R Nov 28/68 Lester
55 Jeff Metzger IF-OF R R Jan 8/80 Lester
48 Stan Metzger OF R R Hills
7 Vic Myrlie 1B R R Nov 22/64 Lester
12 Kurt Myrlie P-C R R Nov 13/84 Lester
31 Kevy Myrlie OF R R Oct 17/85 Lester
33 Kacey Myrlie IF R R Lester
5 Alex Thorne OF R R
25 Tyler Van Middendorp IF-OF R R Alvord
35 Tanner Van Middendorp IF L R Alvord
8 Aaron VanBeek OF R R Inwood
23 Rob VerMeer C IF R R Lester


# Name  Hometown
12 Kurtis Myrlie Lester

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2013 Minnesota Class C State Tournament

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