Welcome to Minneapolis Lakers Baseball.
State tourney appearances: 1999, 2008

Lakers Record: 13-5 in conf (second place); 23- 8 overall.


7/30 Pub 5, Lakers 4.  Season ends in frustration. 

The Lakers played out the 2009 regular season at a high level - pitching depth, excellent defense, a strong lineup from top to bottom were the mainstays.   Elements of that began to erode with the loss of key players Diaz (vacation), Case (injury) and Kuhlman (Northwoods league).   In game 2 of the series vs. the Pub, the bottom fell out just three at-bats into the game when Laker all-star Luke Muellerleille was ejected from the game.  This ejection had far reaching consequences beyond the play at hand.

After falling behind  2-0 the Lakers  battle back to even the score with some key hits but then the Pub comes up with it's own offense to retake the lead at 4-2.  The Pub scores it's fifth and ultimately decisive run on a close  call - a ground rule double ruled HR.    It was hard to tell if Nate Rubin dug for the ball, brace himself against the ivy, or threw his hands up immediately.  In any event, a homerun is ruled.    Later in the game, Bistro hits a key double to close the gap to 5-4, but is later stranded at second base.  Will Chen pitches well in relief of starter John Simkins for the Lakers who do hit the ball in the ninth, but right at the Pub and the game ends.

Through disapointment and frustration of the loss due to attrition, blown leads, controversial  calls, etc. the Lakers do give due props and congratulations to Lyons Pub - one of the top perrenial teams in Park National and class A.    In the series, they hit the ball well and did not give away any outs (excellent pitching and D).  Tony Nault played great defense before his injury, and Rob Shildgen is one of the top shortstops around.  They will represent Park National well.

7/29 No, it was not a bad dream.   Pub 10, Lakers 7 in 14 innings

It was getting close to 2:00 AM as most players left the parking lot at Parade - many Lakers stunned at what just took place in the preceding four and a half hours.  As many of us woke up this morning and came in to work, just about 3 or 4 hours later, there were thoughts of "how did we let that one get away?"   The game started out fairly tight, and for the Lakers part, the defense came up big-time again and again to keep the Lake show in the game.  With the score 3-3 in the seventh, Bistro crushes a monster grand slam to right center to seemingly break the deadlock and put the Lakers on their way to a game one win.  The Laker pitching flirts with trouble in the eight and then in the top of the ninth, walks, hit batsman,  passed balls/wild pitches the Pub to tie the score 4 runs on 0 hits!!   The Lakers actually strike out Brandon-Royce Diop with 2 outs but the ball goes back to the backstop allowing the tying run.

The game then settles into a deadlock into the night with the Pub pitcher throwing well and Jim Heffernan putting up a valiant effort with 5 shutout innings.  Some time around 1:20 AM, Pub breaks the deadlock with 3 runs as Heffernan tires.   The game lasted over 4 and a half hours.   Along the way,  there were quite a few dramatic moments as witnessed by both teams, some fans, and some drunk riverats - great plays, close calls,  dugout confinement, a tight strike zone, and some heated discussions between the managers and the umps.   Some have described this as one for the books, but at this point, we may as well forget about it at least for now.

Game 2 is 6:15PM Thursday at Parade.


7/28 Lakers vs Lyons Pub

Lakers take on the Pub in 2 out of 3 series.  Winner on to state.  Pub is pretty good.  Lakers are too.   Lets play ball!!!

Game 1:  Tuesday July 28, 8:30.   Parade

Game 2: Thursday July 30, 6:15,  Parade

Game 3: Friday July 21, Parade, time TBD if necessary


7/22 Lakers 5, Edina 2

In a tuneup game for both squads, the Lakers beat the Edina Esox at a rare third party site in Dakota Field.   Lakers hit the ball pretty well including a Kuhlman bomb and a Merrill triple.   Merrill also added a couple stolen bases to bring his total to over 32 for the season.  Lakers pitchers also do well in their tuneup.   Kimble, Diaz, Kuhlman and Dickie share innings.   Ted's season-long spool-up to playoff prep is complete and he pitches a strong 4 innings to start.  The end of the game was interesting as the Esox load the bases an assortment of ways including a "big" infield popup and an apparent infield nubber which Kier could not get to but Kuhlman makes a great play to close out the game.  After the game in the parking lot, the Lakers drink beer, play baywatch, and kick field goals.

As Park National "Bloody Sunday" takes place on Saturday, the Lakers go on a fundraising retreat to KPKs house starting at 4:00PM - AKA a party at Kier's.  There will be lots of good beer, food, bag toss, and other entertainment.  All friends, fans, and family are invited.  If interested, contact us for details and directions.

7/21 Lakers 1, Millers 3

Lakers have an annual rivarly going with the Millers in which they typically play the Millers close.  This year was no differrent as both sides pitched well - Broxey for the Millers and Sam Erickson for the Lakers.  Of course, the Lakers would like to have beaten the Millers, the only team the Lakers have a longstanding series with that they have not beaten.  Nonetheless the Lakers enjoy the competition, atmosphere, and quality baseball provided by the host Millers at Veteran field in Minnetonka.  Other than a couple of miscues by Laker outfielders in the eight, the Lakers play a relatively clean defensive game as they prep for the playoffs.   Both Hefernan and Chen pitch solid innings in relief in the late innnings.

After the game, the Lakers learned that at Parade, the Homies were running away from the Bombers.  If the result stands, the Lakers will finish second.  The Lakers tip their caps to the Homies for taking the league title.    As they await standings and playoff pairings, the Lakers tune up Wednesday night in a rare game - Lakers vs Esox at Dakota field in St. Louis Park.

7/20 Lakers get tripped up by Rocks, again.

Things started out poorly for the Lakers and continued to get worse.   Walks, hit batsmen,  hits given up spell doom for the local 9.  The vaunted Laker defense of 2009 fails to come up with the plays to bail out the pitching.   The 1-0 score quickly became 7 or 8 by the second inning.  The Lakers found themselves in a big hole that they never dug themselves out of:  More walks, more pitching behind, and uncharacteristic errors lead to a 13-3 loss.    Meanwhile, Nate Cousins does in  his old team, yet again. 

With the loss, the Lakers fail to take first place and are left hoping that the Bombers can pull off an upset of the Homies on Tuesday night.   Otherwise, the Lakers finish the season in second place.  As they await news of the Bomber game, the Lakers return to Veteran's Stadium on Tuesday night to take on the Minnetonka Millers.


7/17 - Lakers get win over EP 8-3

Lakers decide to have a little power in their lineup as Solty gets his first bomb of the year with a 2 run shot in the 2nd and then Luke re-takes the team HR lead back with a 3 run bomb in the 3rd.  KPK makes a start at 2nd base which he has be whining about the whole 4 games he had been with the Lakers prior to Fri night.  He did live on base though reaching base on 3 of his 4 plate appearances.  Paul Samanant gets a couple AB's in front of his home town and goes 1 for 2 with a hit to left and well hit line-drive out to 3B.  Teddy ballgame gets the start and throws a solid 5 innings.  He gave up a few hits but over all pitched well and got command of all 3 of his pitches.  Jim and Will threw the last 2 innings and both got in a little trouble but got out with no runs allowed.  Merrill had 2 more SB's.

7/15 - Lakers throw the Kitchen sink at the Tommies and win 5-3

Lakers use 18 players in the non-conference bout against the Tommies.  The three Tommy runs came off a lead off Homer in the 1st, a solo Homer in the 4th and an RBI double in the 7th.  Other than that the Lakers 6 pitchers threw well and kept the Edge off balance. The only Laker that shower up to not get in the game was Teddy Ballgame and he would have pinch ran if he would have had either hit cleats or his jersey on in the top of the 6th inning.  Reichert continued to first pitch swing against the Tommies and went 2-4 and one of his outs would have been a HR at about half the parks the Lakers played in as he hit it about 375 to centerfield.  Other than that the Lakers played Laker baseball getting some hits, playing some D, stealing some bases and taking advantage of the other team miscues.  Pitchers for the Lakers were Yodh for 2 innings, Hefernan, EZ, Chen, Benny Kuhl and Glasser all for 1.  

Meanwhile, back in the world of Park National playoff race, the Cobras have apparently beaten the Rocks.  This result diminishes the impending matchup next Monday between the Lakers and Rocks for first place.  Although the Rocks can no longer take first, they will be fighting for a playoff bye and can act as spoiler as the Lakers now are in a sole race with the Homies for the league title.  The Lakers need no motivation other than to take first with authority.    First things first - a Friday night exhibition matchup with Paul's hometown Eden Prairie Eagles.

 7/14 - Lakers 8, Bombers 3

A classic day in Lakers baseball.

For those who do not know, the Minneapolis Lakers have been rolling lately. There are certain members of the club who believe that this is due to savvy recruiting and managerial work. Then there are the majority who believe that even a blind pig will eventually find an acorn. The later line of thinking was given a major boost before, during and after the Lakers most recent game against the bombers. Here is a recap of the evenings antics.

With William "Billy" Diaz scheduled to start, spirits were high on the Laker front. Many teammates showed up early for batting practice and the daily show of watching Merrill's burlesque routine with his set of stretchy bands in the outfield. However, things became less than friendly when Diaz informed the club he would not make the managerial imposed 30 minute pregame timetable. Furthermore, Jesse "Train" Calm was also no where to be seen 31 minutes before gametime. According to team rules this means Diaz and Calm are scratched from the line up and no longer available. On many teams this would be a bit of an issue, but for the Lakers the addition of KPK to the lineup solves both problems as he could be inserted in the 4 hole and put on the bump. Unfortunately, Calm sprints on to the field at 5:45 wearing no pants and thus technically makes the time schedule, though he is clearly showing no respect for his teammates. Many teammates argue with manager Soltvedt that this is unacceptable and Calm should indeed be scratched in favor of KPK. However, showing off his incredible lack of backbone, Solt caves and allows Calm to not only warm up but serve as DH. On a normal day this would have been the end of the Laker bench strife, but not tonight. Billy Diaz is so late that Teddy "Ballgame" Kimble is handed the keys to the car and inserted as the games starter (KPK is infuriated by this move) and told to warm up by our fearless manager. However, as the team is about to begin taking infield Diaz climbs out of whatever hole he was in and shows up at the field. Skipper Soltvedt allows Billy to take the ball as the starter. Mayhem ensues in the manner of Laker teammates showering Solt with chew laden expletives questioning not his general ability to function as a man in American society. Solt responds by putting on his sunglasses.

On to the actual game. Billy "I'm late but who cares because I am <******> Billy Diaz" Diaz manages to throw a gem for six innings allowing zero hits. This is interesting because no one other than John Simkins actually realized this was happening. This is probably due to the fact that most bench players pent the majority of the game discussing mutiny rather than giving a good God-Damn about what was actually happening. The closest the bombers came to a hit occurred in the third inning when some guy on there team hit a missile into right field. That seeming base hit was calmly picked up by Ben Kuhlmann who promptly threw out the base runner at first by 15 steps. Unfortunately for Diaz he lost his no hitter in the midst of a walk filled 7th inning. (The first hit actually led to Simkins throwing the book and tearing off his jersey while hie teammates looked on in horror as though they were watching a live molestation of a minor. Other game highlights:

1. Mike Merrill, Ben Kuhlmann, Clark Boyesen and Luke Mullbicubibscidbciuwb had about 18 hits combined. Unfortunately Mitch Glasser erased most of them by hitting into 7 or 8 double plays.

2. The Bistro hit his first bomb of the year which was important on multiple levels. First off, there was a hurricane force wind blowing in, which led for the declaration that anyone who went yard ******** *******

3. Needing a run in the bottom of the sixth, the Lakers pinch ran KPK for the Bistro and he promptly tore around the base paths getting them the insurance they needed. Basically, he is ******** nails.

4. Ted Kimble, after being told he was starting, contributed absolutely nothing to the Laker cause. The same can be said for Yodh, Reichert, Chen, Samanant and of course Soltvedt unless you count stirring upheaval. Simkins was only good for stripping and putting the smallest chew of all time in his lip.

Lakers win 9-3.

Post game moved to the parking lot for multiple rounds of Krinkle cans thanks to MC Sammer (who made a bold move by driving to get ice during the 5th inning) and Simkins. Many things of note were discussed and witnessed during this parking lot time, as follows:

1. Apparently there is strong contingent of Harry Potter followers on the Lakers, led by Reichert, Kuhlmann and Mullerknciudsbfb. Among the things mentioned regarding Mr. Potter were; Reichert stating that "getting high and reading Harry Potter is on my top ten list of things to do". Unbelievable. Kuhlmann was also noticeably shake after learning that all midnight shows for the new Potter movie were sold out, thus making his Hermione costume useless until tomorrow. Mullerlmscoinodc sat there and grinned like a serial killer while all the Harry Potter talk went on and eventually announced his grand idea of <*********************>

2. The St. Cloud trip of years past was relived. For those of you who don't know, <*****************************************>   Good times.

3. Ted Kimble picked up the bucket of balls and Donkey Konged a freshly opened beer, which lead to the owner of said beer (Reichert) whipping Ted's ass on the spot. Ted went rag doll and assumed the fetal position while being pummeled.

4. Wilson-Traisman ate a shit load of gluten free crap and refused to drink beer stating that "I only drink Bacardi Silver". What a <******>

7/12 - Lakers win 5-0 in Sunday noon game.

Traditionally the Lakers don't fair to well in Sunday AM or noon games, but the Lakers did enough to win behind a complete game shutout by MC Sammer.  Sammer threw well and just got stronger as the game went on.  Merrill did well getting a few hits and a few more SB's.  Clark got a couple extremly weak RBI bloop singles.  Defensively the Lakers kept playing solid with only one error behind MC Sammer.  Lakers play the Bombers on tues at Neiman.

7/9 - Lakers 9 Rats 1

Lakers come out a little sluggish but are able to pull it together and take out the Rats 9-1.  Rats only managed 2 hits and scored their loan run with 2 outs on a sac fly in the bottom of the 7th where the throw from Chen had a chance to get the runner at home.  Merrill decided to have a game going 3-4 with a walk, triple, 5 RBIs and 2 runs.  Kuhlman went 2-4 with his 2 outs being double plays with Merrill on base in the first and 3rd inning.  After the game Benny Kuhl mentioned that those were the 2nd and 3rd double play he hit into in the last about 5 years.  Bistro got his first 3-bagger of the year on the field and got a couple RBIs to go along with it.  Dickie again threw well going 6 innings not giving up a run and striking out somewhere around 7 Rat hitters. Yodh came in the 7th with a comfortable lead and struggled a little with the strike zone but was able to get 3 of 5 hitters out.  Lakers off until sunday when KPK returns from the Chi-town for the rest of the summer.

7/7 - Lakers take out Homies 6-2.

Diaz and Glasser combine to limit the Homies to 2 runs.  Diaz went the first 5 innings and threw well with 6 K's in the 5 innings.  Glasser came into the game for the 2 inning save as when he entered the Lakers were up 5-2.  Mountain was able to show off his base running skills when he pinch ran in the top of the 7th, advancing from first to 3rd on a single.  Unfortunately he was thrown out from the Homies CF on a shallow sac fly attempt from Benny Kuhl.  Other than that the Lakers played good defense, took advantage of some walks and got a couple timely hits.  Lakers return to action thurs against the Rats.

7/6 - Lakers score 14  and pitchers throw 1 hitter in win.

Ted, Yodh and Benny Kuhl combine to 1 hit the Berries as Lakers walk away victorious 14-2.  Lakers did have 4 errors behind their pitchers, 3 of which came in the 1st inning when Hopkins got both of their runs.  Pitchers didn't help themselves out too much either as they combined for 7 walks.  One last note pointed out by Yodh was that 8 of the 9 retired batters by the Lakers were by strike out.  On the offensive side the Lakers got the sticks going.  Kuhlmann was 4-5 with 2 triples, a double, 5 RBIs and 3 runs scored.  Every starter for the Lakers got on base at least once via a hit, walk or HBP.  Other Lakers with multiple hits were NWT and Clark.  Lakers return to confernce tues night against the Homies.

7/1 - Lakers Fall to Rocks 2-0

The Minneapolis Rocks formerly known as the Plymouth Rocks beat the Lakers again.  Former Laker Nate Cousins pitches a good game hitting spots, changing speeds and keeping the Lakers off balance.  Whenever the Lakers thought they had anything going, they hit into double plays that would spell doom.  Dickie started and pitched well but the Rocks had some timely hits that scored  2 runs and that would be the differrence.

There isn't much more to say.  Nate pitched well.  Our offense was quiet and the Rocks got the big hits to score their runs.  The Laker highlight real did include 2 great full run diving catches by the great one, Alex Case in right field.   He also added a perfect bunt single in the sixth, but in the end, it was all for naught.

The Lakers do head into the break in decent shape at 9-4 in the very competitive Park National League.

6/30 - Lakers take out Cobras on one big inning and win 7-3

Game starts out as a pitchers dual as neither team crosses a run until Cobras cross one in the bottom of the 4th.  Top of the 5th comes and the first 2 Lakers get out.  Clark then starts the 2 out rally with a single up the middle.  Glasser singles to right, followed by 2 walks to Merrill and Case.  Lakers then follow up with 6 straight singles ending on a Clark RBI single with Chen runs through a stop sign and forcing Jesse off of 3rd base.  Clark and Glasser in the 8 and 9 hole combine to go 5-7 on the day, while Merrill, NWT and Bistro hit the ball well as well.  Diaz throws the first 6 innings giving up 2 runs on 3 hits and 3 walks.  Teddy ballgame came in in the bottom on the 7th and got one out giving up 1 run on 3 walks and a HBP.  With the bases loaded Yodh comes in and throws 2 pitches to get a hard shot down the line which Luke steps on 3rd and throws across the diamond for the double play to end the game.  Lakers play again wed night at Parade before having 5 days off around the 4th of july holiday.

6/25 - Lakers get win over BlueSox 8-0

Dickie threw the first 6 innings and only allowed one baserunner, on a bloop single over the head of NWT, and had 6 K's to get the win.  Chen pitched a perfect 7th and had 2 K's himself.  Pitchers combined to face 22 batters retiring 21 of them with 8 K's and only giving up 1 hit and no walks or HBPs.  Defensively, with Kulhman playing his 4th position in 3 games, the Lakers were solid and Kuhlman made a great play on a base-hit bunt attempt in the top of the 3rd inning.  Offensivley the Lakers had a balanced attack scoring in every inning but the 2nd.  NWT and Bistro were hitting line drives all over the place and Reichart made sure he didn't get cheated when he was up there hitting.

6/24 - Lakers beat Shark 4-3

Jim Hefernan picks up his first Laker win and Benny Kuhl hit his first Laker bomb as Lakers beat the Shark 4-3.  Lakers take advantage of some free passes by the Shark starter and cross 3 runs in the first 3 innings, 2 of which came on the Kuhlman bomb. Jim pitched well going 6 strong innings and controling the pace of the game.  Reichart swung the bat well and pitched the top of the 7th to get the save.  Lakers were a little short staffed as Teddy ballgame got to play most of the game in left after throwing his first innings of the season the night before.  Clark made his second start of the year at 2nd base as Kuhlman held down SS with NWT and Luke out.  Lakers finish off there long week returning to conference action Fri night against the BlueSox.

6/24 - Lakers Edge Commanding Edge 3-2

When the Lakers played the Edge four times in 2008, every game was close including the heartbreaking loss to the Tommies in the 2008 state tourney.  In that game, after Bistro doubled, Ted Kimble the pinch runner got picked off of second in a key play in extra innings.   Wednesday afternoon, Ted Kimble, AKA ballgame returns to his more comfortable role on the bump as part of his annual 6 week developmental plan to build up arm strength for the playoffs.

Ballgame pitched a solid three innings giving up one earned run to the Tommies.  Easy came in to pitch a scoreless fourth and fifth but then some confusion reigns on the Laker bench.  With owner/gm Paul on hand on the bench, Solty asks Kuhlman or Glasser to go out and pitch the sixth.  In an instance of miscommunication, a fast tiring Easy takes the mound and allows some baserunners.  Kuhlman is brought on to put out the fire but an infield hit/miscommunication/error results in the Edge going up by one.

In the top of the seventh, Bistro leads off with a double.  With Ted Kimble unable to pinch run, Bistro takes third on a wild pitch and then with 2 outs, Nick Reichert delivers with a double of his own.  Reichert would later score the go ahead run on a Nate Rubin single.  Glasser follows with a single - only significant in that it is his first hit of the summer so Jason, no, Mitch won't go ofer summer.  Kuhlman then closes things out in the bottom of the seventh to get the win.

6/22 - Lakers 3, Angels 1

Both starting pitchers threw well as Diaz throws 5 1/3 only giving up one earned run to get the victory.  Glasser comes in to get his 2nd save of the year and his 2nd in a row.  Again the Lakers score early and hold on for the W.  Game was played well defensively by both squads as both teams had to deal with the 95 degree heat and humidity.  Merrill and Nate kept swinging well as the Lakers have 2 non-conference games before their next conference game on fri. 

6/19 - Lakers hang on to beat the Pub 5-4

Both teams score 3 in the first, then the Lakers cross 2 in the top of the second to take a 5-3 lead and neither team scores until the Pub score 1 with 2 outs in the 7th for the final score of 5-4.  On the bumb for the Lakers was John "Dickie" Simkins and he threw well for the first 6 innings to pick up the win.  All three runs he gave up were unearned in the first inning.  Dickie was being Dickie as he was walking around diving for foul balls while the Lakers were hitting.  Mitch came in in the bottom of the 7th with a 2 run lead.  He hits the leadoff hitter, not how you want to start a save situation, but settles down getting a fly out and and a K on a nasty split-finger.  He fell behind the 4 hitter and had to come over the plate and the pub hitter was waiting and hit a double to right center scoring the final run of the game as Mitch gets the 5 hitter to pop up to Luke at 3rd.  Merrill kept swinging well and added 2 more SB's and 2 runs.  He was thrown out at the plate in the top of the 7th, according the ump, although he did look safe.  The Lakers look to keep things going next with 4 games, 2 conference, in 5 days next week.

6/16 - Rain causes game to be canceled down in Miesville 

6/15 - Lakers have one big inning to beat Merchants 6-2

Diaz throws a complete game and the Lakers get the sticks going in the 4th scoring all 6 of their runs.  In the inning Solty had a bases clearing double to drive in 3 runs and on the night Kuhlman continued to swing the bat well.  Merrill steals a couple more bases as the Lakers head to Miesville tuesday night.

6/13 - Lakers head down to Hastings and get 5-2 win. 

Paul makes his monthly appearance while Mountain and KPK make there first appearance of the year.  Game almost takes 3 hours, and Solty uses the entire lineup, including 6 different pitchers, to get the win.  Teams combine for only 12 hits in the 9 innings but there were a combined 5 errors and a quite a few HBP and walks. Kuhlmann and Nate WT keep hitting well and Lakers decide that Chen is going to have to go to baserunning class.

6/11 - Lakers win 5-4 in 10 innings against Bombers.

MC Sammer, AKA Sammy Erickson, throws all 10 innings to get the win.  Lakers combine for 15 hits and win with Will Chen trying to score from 2nd on a sac bunt when the catcher for the Bombers bobbles the ball.  Calm led off the 10th inning with a double to right center Chen ran for him and everybody in the stadium knew Clark was going to bunt.  Bunt was placed down the 3rd base line and pitcher fields and looks to throw to first.  Chen sees this and decides to try and score.  Unfortunately the pitcher bobbles the ball and tosses it to the catcher well in front of Chen.  Luckily for the Lakers the catcher bobbles the ball and the Lakers cross the go ahead run.  Case, Merrill, Kuhlmann, Luke and Nate have multiple hits. 

6/8 - Game vs St Thomas Canceled. 

6/7 - Lakers game and Park National Food Shelf day canceled as Parade's field is not taken care of after kids play in the rain the day before.  Both game and Food Shelf day to be rescheduled, TBD.

6/5 - Lakers get bats going and beat Rats in 5, 10-0.

MC Sammer shows up a little late so Reichart gets his first inning on the mound in a start in a league game.  He threw the first inning and got three hitters with the help of a 9-3 double play.  Lakers also hit into a 9-3 double play in the bottom of the first.  In the 2nd inning MC Sammer came into pitch and he threw 4 shutout innings to get the win.  Lakers had a 5-0 lead in the 5th inning and were able to score 5 in the bottom of the 5th to end the game early. Bistro had another good night at the plate with 3 hits including the walk off hit in the bottom of the 5th inning.   Lakers next play Sun at 2:30 against the Rocks.

**Sunday at Parade the Park National League is gathering non-perishable foods for the needy.  If you are going to stop by please bring some and drop it off in the bins that will be at Parade.**

6/3 - Lakers fall to Homes 6-4

Pitching matchup which has taken place multiple times in the Lakers/Homes rivalry.  Diaz vs Blanc. Both pitched well and had good relief once their nights were over.  Blanc pitched 5 innings only giving up one earned run for Homes.  Billy Diaz, for the Lakers, pitched 5 and 1/3 innings also only giving up one earned run.  Lakers defense had a few miscues leading to Diaz giving up a couple unearned runs.  Merrill, Calm, Bistro and Kuhlmann hit the ball hard all night, unfortunately most were right at the Homes defense, as it took the Lakers til the top of the 7th to get their 2nd - 4th runs.  Lakers will look to rebound friday against the Rats.

6/1 - Lakers beat Bluesox 13-1.

Dickie got his first start of the year and looked good striking out 5 of the first six hitters.  Lakers played well all the way around as Case made his return out in the OF and made a great diving catch and Merrill scored 4 times.  Calm, Ben and Luke continued to swing the bat well.  Next up for the Lakers is the Homies on Wed

5/29 - Lakers get the offense going and beat Cobras 16-7

Lakers score multiple runs in every inning except the 2nd in their largest offensive output so far this season.  MC Sammer throws a complete game to get the win and it is a good thing he has a rubber arm as he wasn't able to keep his pitch count down, throwing about 125 pitches in the 7 innings.  Luke hits his first Laker homerun in the first inning going to left center as both teams were able to take advantage of a strong wind going out to left field early in the game.  In the later part of the game the wind died down and Lakers were able to keep their bats going and take advantage of some walks from the cobras pitchers.  Bistro had a good day going 4-5 with 5 RBIs.  Unfortunate turn in the game was when Cobras CF Matt Germar made a diving catch and severly hurt his wrist having to be taken to the ER.  Lakers wish Matt good luck in his recovery.

Lakers look to keep it going monday against the Blue Sox.

5/26 - Lakers come back in 7th to beat Shamrocks 6-5.

We managed to find a way to not blow another pitching good pitching performance as Dickie is able to snake the win by giving up a couple in the top of the 7th only to have the Lakers bats wake up in the bottom of the 7th.  Calm and Bistro hit the ball hard all night and Billy threw well in the first 6 innings.  Lakers enjoyed seeing new-comer Ben Kuhlmann come up with a clutch hit in the rally in the bottom of the 7th and also enjoyed that he stayed around for a beer after the game.  Lakers are slowly getting back to full strength and look foward to Friday's matchup against the Cobras.

5/21 Lifeless lakers lose to Angels 3-1.  

Facing long-time rival Chad Naegli on the mound, the still-depleted Lakers fail to mount any significant threat to score enough runs to win.  Sam Erickson pitches well but the Angels needed just 2 runs to win and they plated 3.  This marks the second consecutive league loss for the Lakers where they  only manage to score only a single run .   Props are given to the opposing  defenses and pitching faced but the offensive (and defensive) production needs to improve.   Next up is an exhibition game at Parade vs ex-Laker Ryan Flanagan's Shamrocks. 

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5/19 Lakers Blasted.   A depleted Lakers squad loses big to Sport and Spine.  Only news is that Chris Samanant in an emergency fill-in role becomes youngest Laker ever to play in a game going 1-2 and placing the ball in the 5.5 hole - a family tradition.

5/14 - Lakers take down Esox 6-4

Lakers use an unorthodox lineup and are able to beat the Esox 6-4.  Billy was in the DH spot and EZ had to come in for the Bistro in the 2nd inning as Bistro comes up a little lame with an "oblique thing" after his first AB.  MC Sammer, EZ and Will Chen pitched on the evening and now EZ and MC Sammer have pitched in all three Laker games thus far.  As far as the game both teams gave up some free passes that led to runs but the Lakers used some timely hitting to cross a few more runs than the home team.  MC Sammer on top of a few walks also had 7 K's in his 4 innings of work. Clarkos made his anual appearance at 2nd base and to Soltys delight not one ball was hit his way. 

5/11 - Lakers hold off Burnsville 11-8

Lakers jump to early lead and slowly let Burnsville back in the game as Burnsville ties the game at 8 in the 8th inning.  Lakers are able to cross 3 in the top of the 9th and MC Sammer, with the help of EZ snakes the win from newbie Elliot Yodh. J Calm hits his first HR of the year.  Merrill ties his own Laker record with 6 steals in one game.  The Lakers used a very balanced attack from top to bottom as every hitter reached base at least once.  Pitching was solid and the Lakers are looking forward to the next game on Thurs against Edina.

5/6 - Lakers fall to Rosetown 8-6

 Lakers struggle in the first inning, due to walks and a Rosetown bomb, and give up four runs. As Jesse pointed out the Lakers first inning was the opposite of Ricky Vaughn's first outing for the Indians in the movie Major League.  The pithing and hitting settled in later in the game and the Lakers made a game of it.  For the most part the Lakers hit the ball very well and even most of the outs were hard hit balls right at people.  Rookie Will Chen showed off his speed when he came in the game stealing 2nd and 3rd and scoring on a sac fly to center.  Other than that it was a pretty basic day at the ballpark where the older Lakers were excited to get out and play baseball again. 

2009 Season Outlook - Opening day is here.  Coming off a trip to state, the Lakers head into 2009 opener with pretty stout numbers and quality depth.   Key returnees Nate Wilson Traisman and Luke Muellerlielle anchor the middle infield which is expected to bolstered by incoming rookie Mitch Glasser (Macalester) and Kier when he decides to show up.  Nate is coming off a huge MIAC season and hopes to carry that success from college to the summer.  Other key returning vets include Merrill in CF, Soltvedt behind the plate, and the Bistro at first.  Other familiar Lakers returning for outfield include Clark Boyesen, John "Dickie" Simkins, and Jesse Calm.  Laker veteran Alex Case is expected to play an entire season.  His return will bolster the lineup, middle infield, and overall depth.

The 2009 Lakers will also feature a few incoming college players, many from Mac:  Bennett Johnson (MSP Southwest), Mitch Glasser, Nate Rubin, Will Chen,  Elliot Yodh round out the incoming rookie class.

On the bump, the Lakers lose ace James Murrey to some collegiate league.  Success of the Lakers will have to depend on veterans Billy Diaz, John Simkins, Ted Kimble, Sam Erickson.  Other pitchers looking to step up include Reichert, newcomer Banaszewski, Yodh, and Chen.  The Lakers will also rely on the arms of Case,  Muellerlielle, and Wilson-Traisman.  There certainly are enough arms.  The question mark will be is it enough to fill the void left by Murray?

The 2009 schedule has been scaled back some:  Gone are the 5-6 games in 7 day stretches.  With a more balanced schedule and depth, blend of veteran talent and some young, the Lakers hope to have enough to qualifiy for a bye in the playoffs for another run at state.

5/05 Schedule is complete.  The Lakers 2009 schedule is now complete and can be viewed under the schedule or calendar tabs.

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