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Supporters Newsletter - September 2015
Great Trip to the Tuskegee Airman Convention 
25 Airmen in attendance
Over 25 Airmen greeted and spoke to our students about their experiences and the importance of education. Our students learned about the history of our African American pilots and the sacrifices they made to bi-racially mix our armed forces. 
P-13 Tuskegee Airmen Plane 

HBCU College Fair 
Free for All Ages!!! Sept 12th @ 9am

Historic Black College & University Fair is coming back to Las Vegas. Dress too impress and show up at Doolittle Community Center on Saturday September 12th, from 9am -4pm
$1 Donation Fundraiser
Help Us, Help the Community
Dear Friends:


The East Palo Alto/Las Vegas T-Ball and Pitching Machine League is a baseball league that teaches youth from East Palo Alto, CA and Las Vegas, NV about the fundamentals of baseball. The league promotes sportsmanship and teamwork; however, unlike many other leagues in the county it places more emphasis on education and community pride than on the sport. We are currently raising funds in order to cover the cost of the field, workshops, and equipment for our youth.


You can help us by donating one dollar. This one dollar will assist our players with being part of a remarkable experience. Please feel free to provide additional funds, but as little as one dollar will go a long way. Thank you in advance for your support. 


Click for Downloadable Fundraiser Letter


Thank you in advance for your support. Click below to Donate Online, or mail checks payable to Las Vegas Junior Giants, 5337 Lambrock Dr. Las Vegas, Nv 89130.


$100 $50 $20 $5 $1
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Coach Tate
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"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives."
- Jackie Robinson


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Welcome to the Home of the East Palo Alto T-Ball and Pitching Machine. 

Season Begins Jan 21,2016

Click Handouts link for Signups


East Palo Alto is a volunteer run league.

 Since it's inception in 1992, the league has grown to include 9 teams,105 young participants and 15 coaches. The program promotes the awareness of the Old Negro League whom teams played from the late 1800's through the early 1960's. The names of the nine teams are named after the Negro League Teams: St Louis Stars, Homestead Grays,Chicago America Giants,Pitsburgh Crawford,Kansas City Monarchs,Baltimore Elite Giants,Indianapolis Clowns, Birmingham Black Barons, and the New York Black Yankees. Our Focus is to teach the ideals of Sportsmanship, teamwork and community pride. East Palo Alto T-Ball and the Las Vegas Junior Giants are skill building and learned-based leagues that coaches young players to develop skills of batting ,fielding and base running in a minimally competitive environment. In 1994, we joined the San Francisco Junior Giants and extended the program for youth ages 10 through 13 years old. Their season runs from June through August. We joined the San Francisco "SAY BASEBALL" baseball program in the summer of 2000. Their season runs from September through November. In these programs we serve approximately 40 youths. The Las Vegas chapter of the San Francisco Junior Giants is in its second season. The program has been very successful with 150 children participating in its baseball program. In addition to baseball season activities, youth and parents can get involved in year around activities that offer social and academic enrichment opportunities. This season the Las Vegas chapter of the Junior Giants have partnered with a local organization to set up an entrepreneurial training program to assist the young people with their career pursuits. Furthermore, two young people (one from EPA and one from Las Vegas) have been awarded $2500 from the San Francisco Junior Giants for their college education. Click on the Links Button for T-Ball Rules.






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