Welcome to Hamiota Red Sox Minor Ball! 


Please note that any official stats are held on the Midwest website.  If scores/stats are entered on this website and there is a discrepancy between this and the Midwest site...Midwest is official.

Some notes:


- please be sure  you are getting your Game Results Form emailed to statsmidwest@gmail.com along with a copy of the home/visitor scorebook pages within 24 hours of the game.  ONLY emailed results will be accepted.  A late submission will result in a warning, and any subsequent late results will be assessed a $50.00 fine.  Ensure the score books are legible, have player's last names and numbers.  This pertains to the Game Results Form as well.

- any rescheduled games - you must notify the Statistician and the Leage @ statsmidwest@gmail.com & midwestleague@gmail.com

- any rescheduled/cancelled games let the parks staff and umpires know

- Regional entry deadline is June 1st - Hamiota teams, even if we are hosting regionals you still must enter









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Have a great season!!!