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Date  Location Visitor Home Result (Record)
Apr 24/22 2:00pm GIBBON (H) McGowan Field Henderson Tigers Gibbon Reds -
May 15/22 2:00pm Courtland (A) Gibbon Reds Courtland Cubs -
May 21/22 2:00pm GIBBON (H) McGowan Field Hanska Lakers Gibbon Reds -
May 22/22 4:00pm GIBBON (H) McGowan Field Stark Longhorns Gibbon Reds -
May 30/22 2:00pm GIBBON (H) McGowan Field Essig Bluejays Gibbon Reds -
Jun 1/22 7:30pm Springfield (A) Gibbon Reds Springfield Tigers -
Jun 4/22 2:00pm GIBBON (H) McGowan Field Lamberton Long Sox Gibbon Reds -
Jun 5/22 2:00pm Searles (A) Gibbon Reds Searles Grizzlies -
Jun 10/22 7:30pm Hanska (A) Gibbon Reds Hanska Lakers -
Jun 12/22 1:00pm GIBBON (H) McGowan Field Leavenworth Orioles Gibbon Reds -
Jun 18/22 4:00pm GIBBON (H) McGowan Field Heron Lake Lakers Gibbon Reds -
Jun 19/22 2:00pm Fairfax (A) Gibbon Reds Fairfax Cardinals -
Jun 22/22 7:30pm Sleepy Eye (A) Gibbon Reds Sleepy Eye Indians -
Jun 26/22 4:30pm GIBBON (H) McGowan Field New Ulm Brewers Gibbon Reds -
Jul 10/22 5:00pm GIBBON (H) McGowan Field Courtland Cubs Gibbon Reds -
Jul 13/22 7:30pm New Ulm (A) Johnson Park Gibbon Reds New Ulm Brewers -
Jul 16/22 5:00pm New Ulm Corn Belt All-Stars Tomahawk East All-Stars -
Jul 17/22 4:00pm GIBBON (H) McGowan Field Searles Grizzlies Gibbon Reds -
Jul 22/22 7:30pm Essig (A) Gibbon Reds Essig Bluejays -


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(Apr 24, 2022 @ 2:00pm)

Vs. Henderson Tigers


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Recent Results
Sat May 21/22 2:00pm: (2022)
Hanska Lakers -
Gibbon Reds -
Sun May 15/22 2:00pm: (2022)
Gibbon Reds -
Courtland Cubs -
  • Welcome to our 18th year back in action!
  • Thanks to our fans for enjoying the game with us.
  • Thanks from all the players to those who help make the Gibbon Reds possible.
  • State Tournament Appearances: 1922, 1935, 1964, 2017
  • The most nostalgic baseball environment in Minnesota! Come and experience a day at McGowan Field!

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