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Player of the month (Jun 24/16)

Trevor Loverude

Trevor continues to have a great year pitching.

This month Pitching


Countdown to
REDS @ New Ulm Brewers

(Jun 29, 2016 @ 8:00pm)

The Reds travel to New Ulm to take on the division leading New Ulm Brewers Wednesday, June 29th, 2016.

Recent Results
Sun Jul 24/16 2:00pm: (2016)
Hanska Lakers 7
Gibbon Reds 3
Sat Jul 23/16 4:00pm: (2016)
Gibbon Reds 5
St. James Express 11
Upcoming Games
Sun Apr 23/17 2:00pm: (2017)
@ GIBBON (H) McGowan Field
Henderson -
Gibbon Reds -
Sun May 7/17 2:00pm: (2017)
@ GIBBON (H) McGowan Field
Sleepy Eye Indians -
Gibbon Reds -
  • Thanks to our fans for enjoying the game with us. Gibbon Baseball is no longer a secret; drawing fans from far and near.
  • Thanks Fans For Making Gibbon Reds Baseball A Great Experience For Our Players
  • Thanks from all the players to those who help make the Gibbon Reds possible.
  • A new season is under way!
  • The most nostalgic baseball environment in Minnesota! Come and experience a day at McGowan Field!
GB Youth Baseball - The Minnesota Twins granted the City of Gibbon with a Fields for Kids Grant which was given to them at a Twins game.
Missed Opportunities - Coach Tony Stadtherr gathers his thoughts after the 8-2 loss to Stark.
Today's Lineup - Coach Tony Stadtherr goes over the game strategy.
Ready to go...
McGowan Field - Field Dedication Day
Rain Delay - The skies opened up when the Searles Grizzlies came to town. Ty Harkness and Ryan Panning decided play in the rain.
Gibbon Reds Baseball
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