Courtesy Runner Rule Change

  Posted May 15, 2017

To all Slo-Pitch teams and umpires:   Our executive has decided to make an amendment to the Courtesy runner rule. We realize that quite a few teams only have around 5 females on their rosters due to a lack of people wanting to play. Because of this, that minimizes the number of females av...

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Welcome to the District 69 Mixed Slo Pitch League Home Page.


District 69 Mixed Slo-­Pitch League
Mission Statement


As members of the District 69 Mixed Slo Pitch League we strive to have and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the game, which includes all players, coaches, umpires and fans.

We value honesty and respect.  We encourage good sportsmanship and fair play and we will take care to use appropriate language and behaviour before, during and after a game.

We will always try to express a positive attitude and promote goodwill towards everyone involved in our league.


Courtesy Runner Rule Change

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Recent Results
Thu Jun 29/17 6:30pm:
Brand X (A) 11
Mud Ducks (A) 12
Thu Jun 29/17 6:30pm:
Coasters (B) 25
Turn it Up (B) 10
Thu Jun 29/17 6:30pm:
Ya No (A) 22
Pitch Slap (B) 11
Wed Jun 28/17 8:15pm:
Savages (B) 18
Penguins (B) 3
Wed Jun 28/17 6:30pm:
Buzzards (B) 8
Ya No (A) 23
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Brand X (A)22192139.886
Minkies (A)22184036.818
Ya No (A)22174135.795
Shockers (B)22148028.636
Mud Ducks (A)22129125.568
Penguins (B)221210024.545
Savages (B)22119224.545
Coasters (B)221111022.500
Strikers (A)221111022.500
Pitch Slap (B)221011121.477
Buzzards (B)22913018.409
Rippers (B)22913018.409
Hooligans (B)22713216.364
Tigers (B)22714115.341
Turn it Up (B)2241719.205
Beers (B)2202200.000