We offer creative dance members the opportunity to participate and perform creative dance moves for cause by supporting the

IDA MAE CENTER INC, Cancer Wellness and Preventive Therapy

Regular class sessions are Saturday @ 1130 Am classes are 1 hour, so please arrive on time.




PLEASE BE ON TIME: It is important for you to participate in the needed warm-up exercises. If you will be arriving late, please enter the room quietly and position yourself. Take a moment to stretch lightly, especially warming up your neck, back and ankles.

CLASS BENEFIT: To get the most benefit from dance classes: A. Eat a nutritious meal 1 ½ to 2 hours before a class.  This gives you time to digest your food. B. Drink plenty of water before, during and after stretching and dancing. C. Set aside at least 30 minutes 3 x a week to review the basic isolations and stretch afterward.

CLASS NOTES: Notes are given to students make sure you get the note when given. Please save notes and arrange in a notebook.

SUGGESTED ATTIRE & YOUR DANCE BAG: Wear informal, comfortable clothes you can move and stretch in such as tights and leotards, leggings and midriff tops, sweats, and Gypsy style broomstick skirts. It is not necessary to bare you midriff; a hip scarf worn straight across the hips is a good tool to help you see if you are doing movements correctly.  Ballet slippers or other dance shoes will help protect your feet and make dancing easier and more graceful.

INJURY OR PAIN: Please notify me of any previous injuries, accidents or health issues before or after class (but not during, I won’t be able to properly respond).

CLASS MUSIC: Music used in class is provided by the teacher. If you wish to perform to the music in any venue, you need to purchase an original copy of artist’s music. If you hear other music that you like that we don’t use specifically for choreography or tribal performances, I can provide you with contact information to purchase it.

1. Conduct yourself as you would in any classroom setting. Questions pertaining to the material being taught are welcome - please ask! Questions not pertaining to class material should be e-mailed to cwyoga@earthlink.net or asked at a different time. If you do not agree with something that I am doing or requesting in class, please talk with me about this before or after class and not in class. Joking and laughing are encouraged – the class is supposed to be fun!

2. Please resist the urge to answer other student's questions. Your approach or answer may be different from the point the instructor is trying to make.

3. Dance movement names are called by the dance teacher so another teacher may call 'it' something else. If you feel a need to help someone understand a move in another way, please offer your help at another time - not class time.

4. Please use the restroom or get a drink of water at any time.

6. Cell phones should be turned off while in the classroom. Please make any needed calls outside the classroom.

7. Please try not to chew gum while in class.

8. Please understand that there will be times in class when we will be reviewing material you may already have been taught. You may not always like the ‘topics’ or format being taught. Please keep your opinions about your dislikes to yourself during class time and discuss them in private with me if you need to. If you are attending a class that is at a lower level than what you normally take, please resist the urge to improvise and do movements that are more advanced and not what I am currently teaching, as I find it distracts me and the other students in class. Keep in mind that reviewing the basics is a very good idea, good for your technique and your body!

9. Understand that most everyone is attending class at least partly for stress relief, so positive attitudes help!

10. The studio cannot accommodate children, husband, boyfriends and/or pets.

11. Please remove your street shoes before entering the dance room.


12. Please take your empty water bottles home – this cut down on clean-up.

Creative Dance limit is 20 students. We invite girl’s ages 5-15 yrs.


Financial Obligation

Monthly fee $20.00 per student; dues are to be paid by the 1st or of each month.

Free to all Miss Glitter Pageant Contestants.

Creative dances





Creative ballet moves

Hip hop


Exercise for creative dance



Tai chi


Schedule classes


Regular class sessions are Saturday @ 1130 Am classes are 1 hour, so please arrive on time.


What to wear


Dancer must wear dance wear clothing, such as leotard, tights, dance skirt, dance pants etc. no bare legs allowed. Basic leotards, tights are best.

Light Pink and Black