Holistic Wellness




           We offer Complementary Therapy for Cancer Survivors,

                                                Therapies that focus on the mind, body and spirit    

MUSIC THERAPY is the use of live or recorded music to help provide distraction from symptoms   and side effects and to promote relaxation. Using music in a therapeutic way can also ease communication for people who don't always feel comfortable expressing  feelings .                                                                                                 




  FLOW THERAPY  is a client-focused approach to managing and improving health used extensively in the East. In some cases, such as chronic back pain, yoga is a proven tool that often brings complete relief of symptoms. In others, such as chronic diseases and mental illness, yoga therapists work in concert with other health care providers to help reduce symptoms and accelerate healing. In all cases, yoga therapy can help you live more fully regardless of your condition. Yoga therapists focus on the whole person, not just their physical condition, and can offer specific tools and individualized upport in a one-on-one setting not common in allopathic. 






FLOW MOVE is an exercise that combines slow, graceful movements with meditation and breathing techniques. Because the body is constantly in motion, tai chi is sometimes called "moving meditation." Although tai chi has developed into an exercise for health purposes, 

     IDANCE THERAPY                                        


 Meditation Rooms

Step into a  Meditation Room for a few minutes to calm your senses and melt away stress. Escape your worries and experience imagery of some of the most relaxing and beautiful natural gifts on Earth, as you listen to soothing nature sounds and music.

  • Space Meditation Room

    space room

    Abandon your current circumstances, explore the mysteries of the cosmos, and find yourself in the online Space Meditation Room.

  • Winter Meditation Room

    winter room

    Need a mid-day escape? Spend a few calming minutes in our winter wonderland in this winter peace meditation room online.

  • Floral Meditation Room

    floral room

    The floral room surrounds you with a breath of green and a brush of dew against your skin. Lose yourself in lush roses, curved orchids, and the dark faces of sunflowers.

  • Forest Meditation Room

    forest room

    Take an energized stroll through the forest room, where saplings and leaves angle for sunlight, birds call to each other through weathered treetops, and moss carpets the dense forest floor.

  • Water Meditation Room

    water room

    Submerge yourself in the deep and calming pools of the water room. Drops of water dance while the sounds of crushing surf smooth out the ripples of the day.






MEDITATION  is a focusing practice that suspends the normal stream of thoughts occupying the mind. Usually, the attention is focused on a specific thing, such as the breath or a phrase. Practicing meditation regularly is believed to calm the mind, increase alertness, and bring a person into a state of physical and psychological balance. 





    Finding Your Flow – Safety and Stillness