2022 Volleyball Roster

Posted May 19, 2022

  1. Practice Tomorrow from 1-2:45 … If you will not be able to make it, text me and let me know (even if you told me today) remember communication!! I will explain absences for the summer tomorrow. 
  2. Be prepared to condition and practice tomorrow. #H2O
  3. Below is the team list- CONGRATULATIONS, but we want to talk to each of you individually (to tell how we see your role) before you accept this team invitation. 

2022 CCHS Volleyball Team

Karmen Frost
Jada Kail
Megan Smith
Kaylee Vaden

Sarah Cherry
Lynden Cole
Joy Evans
Brooklyn Haynes
Kenzi Johnson
Malea Kail
Kinleigh Lamb
Bailey Ann Whitby

Jiorgia Elmore
Kylee Garrett
Khaki Hail
Sadie Hoover
Lillie King
Brennan Morris
Lily Riley
Amaria Walker
Chloe White
Piper White

Bernice Amador
Deonna Cole
McKinley Conrad
Michaela Dotson
Halle Holyfield
Keeton Holyfield
Ava Lee
Darcy Puffer
Lauren Robbins
Katherine West
Audrey Whitby

Upcoming Games

There are no upcoming games to display.

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