Batting Helmets are now MANDATORY!

June 19, 2012 - Please Note: Beginning this season- Batting Helmets are now MANDATORY.  read more

CMFL on Facebook!

June 19, 2012 - Crestview Men's Fastball League is on Facebook.  read more

Game Scores to be called in!

July 04, 2011 - Please call in your Game Scores on Game night to Corina.  read more

Game Sheets are to be given to Umpires!

July 04, 2011 - Please give all signed Game Sheets to Umpires IMMEDIATELY after your game.  read more






Congrats to the 2016 "A-Side" Champions - The Mudcats!

Congrats to the 2016 "B-Side" Champions- The Saints

Congrats to the 2016 "C-Side" Champions- The Sharks! yes







ALL players must read the CMFL constitution and acknowledge the rules and sign the Player Roster form, as well sign the Waiver of Liability form!


- New Player printable forms are under "Handouts"

- 2016 Blank Rosters are under "Handouts"

- 2016 CMFL Constitution is available under "Handouts



ALL players must read the revised 2015 CMFL constitution and acknowledge the rules and sign the Player Roster form, as well sign the Waiver of Liability form!


- Metal Cleats are allowed this year, please observe and respect the safety of others if you choose to wear them.

- Bats with the approved stamps: ISF2005, ASA2000, and ASA 2004. All bats must still be 100mph or lower. Bats on the previous banned list are still deemed illegal.

-There is a maximum 7 import players per team.

- Any import player playing 4 consecutive years in the CMFL will have the "import" designation lifted.

- Any new players must all read and sign our

"New Player Information Package". Failure to do so will result in these players being ineligible for all league and tournament play.

- Gorilla Grip is allowed.








CTV News coverage of CMFL 50th Anniversary Opening Ceremonies on August 9th, 2014


Great article on the CMFL's 50th Anniversary in The Metro- online edition (July 31st) !!!



The league was formed in the summer of 1964 when some friends living on one bay in Crestview challenged friends from another bay to an afternoon recreational ball game.  Little did anyone realize that this was the beginning of a community men’s fast ball league that would span 50 years to become one of the longest standing men’s fastball league in North America.

Originally families and friends played with no real rules or uniforms, just folks having fun.  As time went on and word of the games got out the league began to develop into the Crestview Men’s Fastball League; allowing teams to recruit player only from their respective streets or bays. Now a-days the league boundaries are a little wider but stay true to the neighbourhood with the majority of the approximately 180 members in the league living in the Crestview, St. James and Charleswood area.  The league has progressed to a ten team competitive men’s fastball league comprised of fathers playing with sons and brothers playing against brothers.

The community spirit of the original teams continues with many team names still identifying  the original bay or street they were founded around, such as the Hilary Blues, Voyager Hawks, Westwood Royals and the Cavaliers.  There is one player in the league who played in the original year at the age of 19 and is still playing in the league this year.  We bet he has some great stories to tell! 









CMFL 50th Anniversary
CMFL 50th Anniversary
CMFL 50th Anniversary
CMFL 50th Anniversary
CMFL 50th Anniversary
the entertainment!
CMFL 50th Anniversary
- September Long Weekend
  • Welcome to the home of the Crestview Mens League..............
  • Please call in your scores!
  • Check out the Crestview Mens League on Facebook!
  • Good luck to all the teams this September Long Weekend!
  • Game sheets must be signed and handed to umpires immediately after games!

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