We are given an opportunity every day to do something for ourselves or for someone else, and then as this day goes by, so does the opportunity. We should not take for granted our opportunity to be a part of this softball organization, because it will be over before you realize it. The most important thing you should get from being a part of an organization and your team is personal satisfaction from knowing we are coaches, student athletes and parents who did things the right way and you did them to the very best of your ability. To become the best coach, player, student, and person you can be… this is success.

Up to this point, we have not mentioned winning and losing. The reason for this is if each of us, especially coaches and student athletes, honestly strives to be the best they can be, then winning and losing will take care of itself. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want anyone who doesn’t want to win. This would be accepting mediocrity and we don’t like being around mediocre people. But you won’t be mediocre if you are always striving to be the best you can be and you choose to do things the right and honest way.

    So what is the bottom line? It’s every coach, manager, player and parent doing their very best and doing it the right way. EVERYONE!    

By doing this we can only improve as individuals, a team and as an organization. If losing a close game to a competitor was the best we could do last year, it doesn’t mean the same thing will happen this year. Our personnel are different. We have gained experience and we hopefully are more mature. We also have new coaches, student athletes and parents whose talent we feel will make us a better softball organization, and not only have the players grown and learned more, so have the coaches and parents. If we are a good a judge of talent, when we play our best we will be hard to beat.

We will not accept anything less from you than your best. You shouldn’t either. The greatest satisfaction to have is when everyone knows we played hard and worked hard as a team and organization, to the best of our ability, on and off the field of play.



January 27, 2016   read more

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