Thank you for trying out for this year's Camden Volleyball League.  My goal was to have only 20 girls but I have increased that number to 22 this year.

2017 Volleyball League Roster (22 Players)

6th Graders (6 Players):  Emmalle Stockdale, Trinity Woodard, Audrey Jackson, Bailey Morris, Elli Reynoldson, Kadie Trull

7th Graders (8 Players):  Kinsley Peach, Jaycie Robinson, Alyssa Simmons, Taylor Hopkins, Brooke Minor, Chloe McDowell, Karlie Davis, Emma Commuzie

8th Graders (8 Players):  Emma Jackson, Jaymorgan Dobson, Alix Hampton, Rylee Pafford, Abby Berry, Alivia Hannah, Drew Love, Lydia Dykes

If you did not make the roster this year, please keep practicing and come back to High School Try-Outs in May of this year or come back next spring for the next volleyball League.

Practice:  This Wednesday 5:00 - 6:30; This Thursday 5:00 - 7:00

Parent Meeting:  This Thursday at 7:00

Player Fee for this League:  $50.00 (Covers Jersey, Tournament Fees, Insurance)



Countdown to
11-AA District Tornament

(Oct 3, 2016 @ 6:00pm)

WOOT WOOT. It's here!

Upcoming Games
Fri Feb 10/17 5:00pm: (2017 League JV)
@ Chester County
Camden -
Chester County -
Fri Feb 10/17 6:00pm: (2017 League Varsity)
@ Chester County
Camden -
Chester County -
Mon Feb 13/17 5:00pm: (2017 League JV)
@ Medina
Camden -
Medina -
Mon Feb 13/17 6:00pm: (2017 League Varsity)
@ Medina
Camden -
Medina -

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Recent Results
Thu Oct 13/16 7:00pm: (2016 CHS Varsity)
Camden 2
Hume Fogg 3
Tue Oct 11/16 7:00pm: (2016 CHS Varsity)
Camden 0
Page 3
Tue Oct 4/16 7:00pm: (2016 CHS Varsity)
Camden 3
Hickman 1
Tue Oct 4/16 4:00pm: (2016 CHS Varsity)
Camden 3
Waverly 1


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