July Update

  Posted August 12, 2018

Been a while, so here it is:  We sucked for a long time, for various reasons, then ripped off 4 wins to close out the season and lock up a playoff spot and a matchup with the Longhorns in the first round....

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Friggen Lentz

  Posted June 29, 2018

We can't hit Adam Lentz.  Not sure why, other teams can, but we can't. He struck out a bunch of us by throwing the ball in the dirt, and scattered 7 hits, but as usual, we just couldn't cash...and we made some errors in perfect situations to give the guns some runs and the win....

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A big win.

  Posted June 17, 2018

Saturday was an insanely odd FMBA ballgame for the boys.  We were missing most of our pitchers so the pressure was on Pfeil and Havers to get it done against the Habs....

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A dubb, finally!

  Posted June 13, 2018

We haven't played much with double-dips postponed and whatnot, so we again faced the always good Wolfpack on Monday night.  One of the most windy nights anyone could recall at the park, nothing in play was routine.  Latos was on the bump and was absolutely awesome, as we're accusto...

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Banged around

  Posted June 13, 2018

This was last week, but we matched up against the Dbacks, and as we all know, they're just super solid.  We once again were missing guys, but had the semblance of a bench, so that was a great change.  We marched rook Brayden Pfeil out to face the tough Dbacks lineup, and it just wasn&#...

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