NEWS for William Byrd Middle School Baseball 2018

Players will need these items everyday:

  • Baseball pants w/belt
  • Hats
  • Players must wear a cup
  • Baseball cleats and shoes for indoors. Cleats cannot be worn inside.
  • Glove
  • Catchers please bring your gear
  • Bats (any bat that is not larger than drop 5 and has been certified by USSSA or another official agency.  Does not have to be a BBCOR bat.  Bat length minus bat weight = drop. example:  bat is 32 inches long and weighs 27 ounces is a drop 5 bat.  It will be labeled -5 on the barrel)
  • Warm clothing for outdoors.  We will be outside everyday unless it is very cold, raining or snowing.  We have access to the gyms at WBMS after school.  We will let you know about any scheduling changes due to inclement weather on the middle school website, this website and announcements in school, or text message.    
  • Shorts, tee shirts, and shoes suitable for inside of the batting building and the gyms
  • Water or a sports drink and a healthy snack to eat before sessions begin.    

Coach Brian Jones 

phone:  (540) 765-8819




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  • Visit the VHSL website for the new bat regulations.

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