We are not just a team , we are a FAMILY...

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                                  Welcome To T he Broward Outlaws Non - Profit Football Team

 Head Coach/Owner:  DeBarris James (954)709-6301
Assistant Head Coach/VP: Joe James (954)288-9473

About The Broward Outlaws

The Broward Outlaws are led by both owners and coaches, the James Brothers (Debarris/Joseph). The one thing that will stand out to outlaws opponents is that this team is based on "HEART" and will not back down from nobody and yes I mean nobody. The Broward Outlaws have alumni from broward schools all over with playmakers like:  Joseph (Joe) James, Derrius (Lerch) Davis, and even Travis (All In) Coleman from all from Stranahan High School. We also have Chris Robinson  from Boyd Anderson High School, John Wilkins from St. Thomas High School, and players from all over Broward County from schools like : Nova, Dillard, Ely, Northeast, Coconut Creek, and South Plantation.

We have players that have been on every level of this game, High School, College, Arena, and Pro.Whether they are coaching or playing, there passion for the game will never die...

Assistant Head Coach Joseph James; "Now If you think that you could stop the pass, stop the run, break tackles, and not throw and interceptions against Theee Broward Outlaws, you might as well get the popcorn ready because we're gonna give you a show that you've never seen before!!!!!"


  • Welcome to the new home of the Broward Outlaws
  • The Lady Outlaws will definately get you in the cheering mood, so come out and support you Broward Outlaws football...
  • Fans, feel free to add any comments about your favorite team, and be sure to go to browardoutlaws sports talk on facebook.
  • Your Broward Outlaws will be running a clinic for children ages 7-17, stay tuned for dates and locations...
  • Fans, your Broward Outlaws apparel is now available for purchase...

Countdown to
Broward Outlaws will host the Miami Extreme, in our season opener ...

(Jan 23, 2016 @ 7:00pm)



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