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The BDJH Tennis Team won the Boys District Title, Girls District Title, and Team District Title!!!!!

The following athletes won individual District Titles:

Line 1 Boys Singles – Sidarth Kumar

Line 2 Boys Singles – Brian Ho

Line 3 Boys Singles – Emilio Nagel

Line 4 Boys Singles – Shantanu Patole

Line 5 Boys Singles – Aditya Elango

Line 6 Boys Singles – Rohan Phadke

Line 5 Girls Singles – Akshaya Kumar

Line 6 Girls Singles – Yitian Zhu

Line 3 Girls Doubles – Sarah Voon and Ava Smith

Line 4 Girls Doubles – Chelsea Sun and Anna Sturgis

Line 5 Girls Doubles – Samitha Nemarajaiah and Kelly Wu

Line 6 Girls Doubles – Saanya Sehgal and Juliet Kophamel

Line 1 Boys Doubles – Manni Ganna and Jonathan Wright

Line 4 Boys Doubles – Young Chen and Arya Aggarwal

Line 6 Boys Doubles – Akshat Rastogi and Neo Zhu

Mixed Doubles – Marianna Fauteux and Tanav Kalra




Team photos will be taken on Monday, May 1st immediately after school. Picture forms are available from Coach O'Keefe. 








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