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District Tennis Tournament: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Seven Lakes HS and JH (Please note that this is a change from the original schedule). Matches on Monday and Tuesday will begin at 3pm. There are a total of 50 matches on each day, for days 1 and 2. You may get match #50 - this means a long wait (only have 13 courts to play on). You must ride the bus to the match.  Not everyone will have a match on Monday. If you are a #1 or #2 seed, you will not have a match on Monday, but will have a match on Tuesday. This is a one and done format tournament. We will be playing for individual district titles, girls and boys district team titles and overall combined boys and girls district title. A third or fourth place finish will earn your team 1 point. A runner-up finish will earn your team 2 points and a District championship will earn your team 3 points. Order of play is determined by tournament committee. Soccer teams are the only groups that will be given preferential treatment, all other activities will not be given this concession because they are non-UIL events. Please do not ask the coaching staff for such actions..













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Mon Apr 24/17 3:00pm:
@ Cinco Ranch HS/JH-District Tourney
Tue Apr 25/17 4:30pm:
@ Cinco Ranch HS/JH-District Tourney

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