Aug 9/16

Posted August 9, 2016

The UFL goal is to grow strong organizations, help players advance and most of all enjoy a fun and fair football season. We hope to see your team on the field. JOIN TODAY BY FILLING OUT THE TEAM APP BELOW COPY PASTE and email it back and will get your team signed up For more information about THE UFL Email us Name___________________________________ Address__________________________________Phone___________________________________ Email____________________________________ Team Website________________________________________________________________________ What is the name of your team you wish to join the (UFL) with ?__________________________________ What color do wish to use for your team? Please provide a Home & Away set of color.___________________ What is your team Budget for 2015 season? What method of raising fund do you plan to use including the sale of tickets and sponsor sale for your team._____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stadium Name _______________________ Stadium Address ____________________________________ Do you understand that your team much be able to travel up to 5 hour for a game._____________________________________________ Welcome to the home of the new start up United Football League. The league is currently taking applications for new teams for 2017 Season. We will have 2 Conference, American and National and 8 Divisions, Northern, Pacific, Central, Southwest and Northeast, Atlantic, Great Lakes, Southern. Teams will be primarily located in the Atlanta,Alabama,Tennessee,South Carolina, Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Ohio, Louisiana, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Missouri area with planned future expansion, but must be willing to travel during the playoffs league finals. The initial response to the league has been very strong and we hope to be able to field at least 4 teams within each Division for the 2017 season this will begin in Springs Date TBA. The (UFL) League is currently accepting applications for new teams. We are also seeking Referees that can officiate games within the perspective Division areas. The league is looking to fill several operations positions including Director of Football Operations. We will be adding applications for teams, officials and executive level positions over the next several weeks so please check back often. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have. ***** NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON!!!! PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR MORE INFORMATION!!!!!


Aug 9/16

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