Tompkins High School Tennis Program 2018-2019


“And Then Some” This is a phrase that the Tompkins Tennis Program will use to describe the type of character and effort that it takes to be a champion.  We expect the player to not just meet all expectations, but to do 100% of what is asked, AND THEN SOME.

Program Objective

The objective for the Tompkins HS Tennis Team is to influence young men and women to make goals for their life and to have determination to achieve them.  The Team will have high moral character and appreciate the value of hard work

Team (Fall) Tennis

Team tennis is when the best players on our team compete against the best players of another team in singles and doubles.  There are 6 boys singles matches, 6 girls singles matches, 3 boys doubles matches, 3 girls doubles matches, and 1 mixed doubles match, for a total of 19 possible wins.  The first to reach 10 wins will win the team match.

Individual (Spring) Tennis

Individual tennis is when we travel around in the Houston area to compete in tournaments. Each player plays either singles, doubles, or mixed doubles in a draw with at least 16 other schools’ players. This is just like a USTA sanctioned tournament with a 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and consolation winner.

General Information

Please make sure that you are signed up for the tennis class here at OTHS prior to trying out for the team. If you do not make it, or you decide later you do not want to play I will switch your schedule. You must have a physical on file, on the Katy ISD form, with the school trainer before the 27th of July in order to try out for the team. The new physical must be taken after May 1st, 2018 to count towards next school year.

Other paperwork that I will need prior to trying out for the team:

Copy of a current utility bill showing the students address

Copy of the birth certificate – Only for incoming 9th graders or anyone new to the tennis program.

Online Athletic Participation Forms completed for the 2018-2019 school year.

*The physical packet must be given directly to the trainer, not to the coaches.*

Tryout dates:

Wednesday, August 1st – Boys Fitness Testing and paperwork collection (8am – 10am)

Thursday, August 2nd – Girls Fitness Testing and paperwork collection (8am-10am)

Friday, August 3rd – Varsity Tryouts

Saturday, August 4th – Varsity Tryouts

Monday, August 6th – Junior Varsity Tryouts

Tuesday, August 7th – Junior Varsity Tryouts

Wednesday, August 8th – Freshman Tryouts

Thursday, August 9th – Freshman Tryouts

Friday, August 10th – Varsity Double Header

Saturday, August 11th – Varsity Double Header

Tryout Times: (Girls 8AM-11AM each day) (Boys 3PM-6PM)


Contact Information:

Josh Martinez

281-234-1113 Tennis Office



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