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Team Long Island
2018 TLI 12u USSSA East Nationals, MD - 5th Place (Sean Fitzgerald)
2018 TLI 10u USSSA East Nationals, MD - CHAMPIONS (Mike Bielski)

2017 TLI 14u PGF Nationals, CA -  33rd Place (Jimmy Laird)
2017 TLI 14u USSSA East Nationals, MD - CHAMPIONS (Krista Thorn)
2017 TLI 18u ASA GOLD Nationals, FL - 17th Place (Angel)
2016 TLI 10u PONY Nationals, VA - 2nd Place (Sean Fitzgerald)
2016 TLI 16u PONY Nationals, VA - CHAMPIONS (Angel) 
2016 TLI 16u USA/Triple Crown Nationals, NYC - 3rd Place (Angel) 
2015 TLI 12u USSSA Nationals, MD - CHAMPIONS (Jimmy Laird)
2015 TLI 12u ASA Eastern Nationals, CT - CHAMPIONS (Jimmy Laird)
2015 TLI 14u PONY Nationals, VA - CHAMPIONS (Sean Fitzgerald) 

2015 TLI 16u PONY Nationals, VA - 2nd Place (Angel)
2015 TLI 12u PONY Nationals, VA - 5th place (Krista Thorn)
2015 TLI 10u PONY Nationals, DE - 5th place (Tim Fernandez)
2014 TLI 14u ASA/USA Nationals, CA - Attended (Angel)      
2014 TLI 14u PONY Nationals, VA - 3rd place (Angel)
2014 TLI 14u PONY Nationals, VA - 5th place (Sean Fitzgerald)
2014 TLI 12u PONY Nationals, VA - 5th place (Jimmy Laird)
2014 TLI 16u PONY Nationals, VA - 5th Place 16u (Rich Mckillop)
2013 TLI 10u PONY Nationals, PA - CHAMPIONS (Jimmy Laird) 
2013 TLI 14u PONY Nationals, PA - 3rd place (Angel)
2013 TLI 12u PONY Nationals, VA - 9th place (Sean Fitzgerald)
2013 TLI 14u PONY Nationals, VA - 9th place (Rich McKillop)
2012 TLI 12u PONY Nationals, VA - 5th place (Angel)
2012 TLI 14u PONY Nationals, VA - 5th place 97
2012 TLI 14u USSSA Eastern Nationals, NC - 4th place (Rich McKillop)
2010 TLI 18u AFA Eastern Nationals, NJ - 8th Place (Angel) * played up
2010 TLI 16u PGF Nationals, CA - Attended (Angelo Marino)
2009 TLI 14u ASA/USA Nationals, GA - 49th Place
2008 TLI 14u FAST Nationals, FL - 5th Place (Angel)
2008 TLI 16u ASA/USA Nationals, KY - Attended (Angelo Marino)
2008 TLI 12u ASA Eastern Nationals, VA - (John Hogan)
2007 TLI 14u ASA/USA Nationals, MI - 33rd Place (Angelo Marino)
2007 TLI 14u PONY Nationals, NC - 5th Place (Angelo Marino)
2007 TLI 12u ASA Eastern Nationals, PA - 2nd Place (Angel) 
2007 TLI 10u ASA Eastern Nationals, PA - 2nd Place  (Christie Softy)
2006 TLI 12u ASA Eastern Nationals, VA - Champions (Angelo Marino)
2006 TLI 12u FAST Nationals, FL - 2nd Place (Angelo Marino)
2006 TLI 12u PONY Nationals, OH - 17th Place  (Angel)
2005 TLI 10u PONY Nationals, VA  - 3rd Place  (Angel) 
BP Allstars 
2006 BPA 18u PONY Nationals, VA -  9th Place  (Angel)
2006 BPA 18u PONY Platinum, VA  - 3rd Place  (Angel)
2006 BPA 18u PONY Nationals, VA  - 17th Place (Ted Kozlowski)
2005 BPA 18u FAST Nationals, FL  -  Champions  (Angel) *played up
2005 BPA 16u PONY Nationals, OH -  2nd Place  (Angel)
2004 BPA 18u FAST Nationals, FL  -  5th Place  (Angel)
2004 BPA 16u PONY Nationals, NC - 17th Place  (Angel)
2004 BPA 10u PONY Nationals, VA -  5th Place  (Ed Vicente)
2004 BPA 14u PONY Nationals, VA -  9th Place  (Ted Kozlowski)
2003 BPA 10u PONY Nationals, VA  - 9th Place  (Angel) 
2003 BPA 14u PONY Nationals, VA  -  9th Place  (Angel) 
2003 BPA 18u PONY Nationals, VA  - 5th Place  (Kerry Gant)
2002 BPA 16u PONY Nationals, NC -  3rd Place  (Kerry Gant)
2002 BPA 16u NSA  Nationals, VA  -  6th Place  (Angel)
2002 BPA 14u NASF World Series, PA  -  Champions  (Angel) 
2001 BPA 12u PONY Nationals, NC - 5th Place (Angel)
* As a 16u team played up at 18u


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