2017 Spartan Summer Baseball


Freshman Practice

Wednesday 5/24/17

Stratford High School

6:00 pm to 8:00 (or dark)



Heads Up

Schedules are up on the site, see the "Schedule" tab to left.  We haven't split up the freshmen yet so the schedules will just give timing and days of games.


Rosters are up on the site.  Note that this is only applicable to the non-incoming freshmen.  Also note that we have adjusted the rosters since we have had some player changes.  Click on "Roster" tab at left.








Questions?  email SpartanBaseball-1@comcast.net 

or call 281-788-9854














Upcoming Games
Tue Jun 6/17 5:45pm: (2017 Frosh Green)
@ Memorial HS
Stratford Green -
Memorial (Tony) -
Tue Jun 6/17 8:00pm: (2017 Frosh Green)
@ Memorial HS
Stratford Green -
Memorial (Tony) -
Wed Jun 7/17 5:45pm: (2017 White)
@ Stratford HS
Spring Woods -
Stratford White -
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