The Roanoke Rage Softball Organization was established to teach, coach, educate, and improve the skill set and abilities of young ladies in a team set environment. Each year we challenge these ladies to apply these newly acquired skills by entering them into high level tournament play. Of course this does not come without cost. Although parents/guardians absorb most of the player’s fees, there are other cost such as sanction fees, insurance, equipment, and uniforms. Due to these cost we look to local and corporate businesses for support. The Rage organization raises funds in many ways to help keep cost down for players, parents and the organization. Just as we teach team work on the field, we approach businesses to team up to support these young ladies through sponsorships. We offer 3 levels of sponsorship packages. Sponsorship contribution levels are $100.00, $200.00 and $300.00 or more.  Sponsorship contributions of $100.00 will place your name and logo on our website. Contributions of $200 or more will place your company name and logo on our website as well as on our team banner which is displayed at every tournament and team event. Contributions of $300.00 or more will place your company name and logo on our website, team banner, and on our team travel trailer. The team trailer travels with the team to every practice, tournament and team event. This team trailer is seen throughout the county as well as other various venues not only in Virginia, but also in other states as well. These sponsorships will advertise for your company and will help you grow and acquire new business, but most importantly it will help give these young ladies an opportunity to grow and become successful as well.
Attached is a copy of a corporate sponsorship form.  This form is to be filled out by your business or a member of the Rage organization. This form is simply an organized item to ensure that we properly and correctly advertise your company name and/or logo. Please be sure to present a check or cash the day that the form is completed. Please keep in mind, this organization does not make a profit. Any funds that are raised are distributed back into funding these young ladies.
Thank you in advance for your support. I hope your business will be able to sponsor and support the Roanoke Rage in the 2015 season. We look forward to carrying your logo with us in our quest for victory.


Jonathan Walker
Roanoke Rage
Visit us on the web @ http://roanokerage.com


Roanoke Rage Softball
Sponsorship Form

Employer Identification Number: 45-5246657

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Please email your logo or name to this address: roanokerage@yahoo.com
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Please return this form and payment to:
Roanoke Rage Softball
c/o Jonathan Walker
4424 Fontaine Drive
Roanoke VA, 24018
(828) 238-0919


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