OMBA Scholarships Awarded

Posted March 14, 2016

Oceanside Minor Baseball is proud to support our alumni as they strive to achieve their educational goals. Each year the association awards the Oceanside Minor Baseball scholarship and the Stanley Chong Senior Umpire scholarship to qualifying players and umpires who will be continuing on to college or university.

Congratulations to recipients Jacob Barker and Jackson Marshall who were each awarded the Oceanside Minor Baseball scholarship. Congratulations a second time to Jacob Barker who was also awarded the Stanley Chong Umpire scholarship. We wish Jacob and Jackson great success in their future academic careers.

Oceanside Minor Baseball Scholarship Recipients

Kwalicum Secondary School

Jackson Marshall 2016
Shane Craven 2015
Spencer Reagon 2014
Scott Austin 2013
Mackenzie Parlow 2012
Michael Foulds 2011
Mitchell Powelson 2011
Aaron Foulds 2010
Mychal Rodway 2009
Bruce Biro 2008
Jared Foulds 2007
Josh Hagedorn 2007
Joseph Damberger 2006
Robert Biro 2005
Jimmy Foulds 2004

Ballenas Secondary School

Jacob Barker 2016
Liam Downey 2015
Andrew Evernden 2014
TR Doty 2013
Colin Wright 2010
Tyler Burrows 2009
Kenny Miller 2008
Bradley Burns 2006
Jordan Reid 2005
Frank Provencal 2004
Jason Conn 2003

Stanley Chong Umpire Scholarship

  • Jacob Barker 2016
  • Kenny Williams 2015
  • Chloe Elston & Scott Austin 2014
  • Chloe Elston & Nic Wassbauer 2013
  • Sean Austin 2012

Diving back safe
MosquitoAAReds2012 - photo by Brian Atagi
House League 2011
House 2010
House League 1990
Shane - Shane Craven tags out the runner on a play at home.
MosquitoAAReds2012 - photo by Brian Atagi
House League 2011
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