The 20 in 20 tests your physical and mental endurance.  This test was started at Taylor in September of 2010.  All the players that have completed the 20 in 20 are pictured below.  *Only the Strong will Survive!  Are you a SOLDIER??

Aidan Walsh-3rd Player in THS History to Make EVERY 20 in 20-Congratulations!!!

May 2019 - 5th Period

Justin Noh, Aidan Walsh, Jake Arnold, Luc Mefford, Luke St. Julien, Jake Perry, Caleb Hart, Brandon Young

May 2019 - 7th Period

Chase Gawlikowski, Carson Gawlikowski, Troy Harris, Zach Darby

Ky Blodget-Second Player in THS History to Make EVERY 20 in 20-Congratulations!!!

October 2018 - 5th Period

Jake Perry, Brandon Young, Zac Terry, Aidan Walsh, Jake Arnold, Austin Arnold, Ky Blodget, Luc Mefford

October 2018 - 7th Period

Troy Harris, David Li, Zachary Darby

August 2018 - 5th Period

Caleb Hart, Jake Perry, Aidan Walsh, Blake Murski, Austin Arnold, Jake Arnold, Pierre Koutani, D'Andre Hall, Brandon Young, Ky Blodget

August 2018 - 7th Period

David Li

May 2018 - 5th Period

Jake Perry, D'Andre Hall, Zac Terry, Luc Mefford, Brandon Young, Jake Arnold, Aidan Walsh, Blake Murski, Pierre Koutani, Dazhon Lewis, Ky Blodget

May 2018 - 7th Period

Caleb Hart and Justin Noh

October 2017 - 5th Period

Jaylen Williams, Nic Garcia, Luc Mefford, Peter Gallas, Jericho Elegores, Brandon Young, D'Andre Hall, Edward Kim, Blake Murski, Isaac Kim, Lucas Lombard, Enzo, Sechi, Aidan Walsh, Ky Blodget, Austin Arnold, Isaiah Williams, Ricky Canales, Quentus Miles, Pablo Fierro, Alex Smith

October 2017 - 7th Period

Justin Noh, Jake Arnold, Jake Perry, Jayden Mccullough

September 2017 - 5th Period

Pablo Fierro, Luc Mefford, Jericho Elegores, Edward Kim, Nic Garcia, Blake Murski, Peter Gallas, Isaac Kim, Pierre Koutani, Aidan Walsh, Lucas Lombard, Enzo Sechi, Isaiah Williams, Austin Arnold, Kai Blodget, Creighton Skillern, Alex Smith

September 2017 - 7th Period

Jayden McCullough, Jake Arnold, Jake Perry

May 2017 - 5th Period

Pablo Fierro, Kai Blodget, AJ Lee, Aidan Walsh, Luc Mefford, Lucas Lombard, Enzo Sechi, Isaac Kim, Edward Kim, Thomas Carey, Pierre Koutani, Austin Arnold, Blake Murski, Nic Garcia, Creighton Skillern, Peter Gallas, Dondre Hall

May 2017 - 7th Period

Alex Smith, Jericho Elegores, Zach Bernstein, Kevin Kim

October 2016 - 5th Period

Alex Shilnikov, Lucas Arnold, Pablo Fierro, Jon Crosby, Lucas Lombard, Enzo Sechi, Tavian Sims, Blake Murski, Jamichael Whitaker, Gannon Prudhomme, Austin Arnold, Kai Blodget, AJ Lee, Armand Araque, Pierre Koutani, D'Andre Hall, Thomas Carey, Nic Garcia, Isaac Kim, Aidan Walsh, Jaylen Williams, Peter Gallas, Eli Sheley, Jadon Johnson

October 2016 - 7th Period

Kevin Kim, Zach Sumrall, Edward Kim, Luc Mefford, Sterling Parker

September 2016 - 5th Period

Armand Araque, Alex Shilnikov, Lucas Lombard, Enzo Sechi, D'Andre Hall, Pablo Fierro, Ky Blodget, Pierre Koutani, Eli Sheley, Tavian Sims, Jonathan Crosby, Blake Murski, Austin Arnold, Jaylen Williams, Nic Garcia, Peter Gallas

September 2016 - 7th Period

Luc Mefford and Zachary Sumrall

May 2016 - 5th Period - 95% Completed the 20 in 20 - FANTASTIC JOB!

Gannon Prudhomme, Alex Shilnikov, Lucas Lombard, Enzo Sechi, Pablo Fierro, Kai Blodget, Austin Arnold, Tavian Sims, Dane Geddes, Aidan Walsh, Peter Gallas, Isaac Kim, Jonathan Crosby, Nic Garcia, Jaylen Williams, Armand Araque

May 2016-7th Period

Nick Denson, Jadon Johnson, Pierre Koutani

James Yang-First Player in THS History to Make EVERY 20 in 20-Congratulations!!!


David Thomasson, Lucas Arnold, Jalen Russell, Jake Schlicher, Nick Garcia, Payton Miller, Jonathan Crosby, Troy Marasigan, Edward G., Armand Araque, Jaylen Williams, Ky Blodget, Jacob Geraci, Daniel Mann, Pablo, Fierro, James Yang, Lucas Lombard, Jed Dalton, Aidan Walsh, Enzo Sechi, Dane Geddes, Peter Gallas, Blanchard Layton, Issac Kim, Jordan Porter, Austin Arnold

September 2015-5th Period

Lucas Arnold, Payton Miller, Lucas Lombard, Alex Shilnikov, Jaylen Williams, Pablo Fierro, Nic Garcia, Aidan Walsh, Daniel Mann, Austin Arnold, Justin Marsh, Isaac Kim, Kai Blodget, Jed Dalton, David Thomasson, James Yang, Troy Marasigan, Enzo Sechi, Dane Geddes, Blanchard Layton, Armand Araque, Jordan Porter

May 2015-5th Period

Payton Miller, Dane Geddes

Lucas Arnold, James Yang, Blanchard Layton, Daniel Mann, Brian Cheung, Jed Dalton, Grayson Pichon, Troy Marasigan, Enzo Sechi, Lucas Lombard, Jordan Porter, Jonathan Crosby, Armand Araque


Justin Marsh, Jacob Geraci, Isaac Kim, Joshua Specht, Peter Gallas, Pablo Fierro, Nic Garcia, Jalen Russell, David Thomasson, Zach St. Denis


Armand Araque, Jonathan Crosby, Payton Miller, Lucas Arnold, Daniel Mann, Jordan Porter, Enzo Sechi, James Yang, Jed Dalton, Dane Geddes, Chris Aimi, Lucas Lombard, Troy Marasigan, Reagan Wall, Blanchard Layton, Tyler Foglesong

October 2014-7th Period

James Kim, Jacob Geraci

August 2014-5th Period

Tyler Foglesong, Troy Marasigan, Payton Miller, Chris Aimi, Armand Araque, Jordan Porter, Garrett Winkelmann, Edward Gharibiangharghi, Dane Geddes, Daniel Mann, Jed Dalton, Blanchard Layton, James Yang

May 2014-5th Period

Tyler Foglesong, Rome Lauer, Reagan Wall, Daniel Mann, Troy Marasigan, Lucas Arnold, Jed Dalton, Blanchard Layton, James Yang, Garrett Winkelmann

May 2014-7th Period

Armand Araque, Tavian Sims, Jordan Porter, Payton Miller, Edward Gharibiangharghi, Lane Murphy

October 2013-5th Period

Tyler Foglesong, Vinny Castellano, Price Dalton, Lucas Arnold, Jed Dalton, Rome Lauer, Mohammad Saad, Garrett Winkelmann, Daniel Mann, Lane Murphy, James Yang, Matt Empleo, Troy Marasigan, Blanchard Layton

September 2013-5th Period

Tyler Foglesong, Lucas Arnold, Rome Lauer, Mike Hardt, Blanchard Layton, Daniel Mann, Price Dalton, James Yang, Jed Dalton, Garrett Winkelmann, Fikayo Olamigoke

May 2013-5th Period

Fikayo Olamigoke, Tyler Foglesong, Vinny Castellano, James Yang, Price Dalton, Blanchard Layton, Rome Lauer, Garrett Winkelmann

May 2013-7th Period

Daniel Mann & Jed Dalton

October 2012-5th Period

Philip Kerr, Mike Hardt, Edgar Martinez, Mathew Piotrowicz, Jonathan Wells, Price Dalton, Michael Walters, Dalton Cade, Matt Empleo, James Yang, Fikayo Olamigoke, Vincent Castellano, Tyler Foglesong

October 2012-7th Period

Daniel Mann, Troy Marasigan, Blanchard Layton

September 2012-5th Period

James Yang, Price Dalton, Matt Empleo, Michael Walters, Fikayo Olamigoke, Dalton Cade

May 2012-5th Period

Philip Kerr, Price Dalton, Matt Empleo, Austin Boister, Tyler Foglesong

October 2011-5th Period

Philip Kerr, Mike Walters, Pablo Velez, Austin Boister, John Starks, Blake Provost, Eli Walters, Tyler Foglesong, Danny Mursuli, Chris Millan, Kanen Helbig

September 2011-5th Period

Chris Millan, John Starks, Ronald Phearse, Blake Provost, Pablo Velez, Philip Kerr, Mike Walters

May 2011-5th Period

John Starks, Blake Provost, Pablo Velez


October 2010-5th Period

Henry Thompson, Blake Provost, Chris Drury, Pablo Velez, Miles Wright, Chris Millan

October 2010-7th Period

David Carpenter

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Game Photos
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Home Opener
Taylor Vs Clements
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