2106-2017 Seniors
Armand Araque:  Florida State University
Lucas Arnold:  University of Texas
Jonathon Crosby:
Gannon Prudhomme:

Alex Shilnikov:
Tavian Sims:
  Texas State University

2015-2016 Seniors
Jed Dalton:  Texas A&M University
Blanchard Layton:
Daniel Mann:  University of North Carolina
Troy Marasigan:  University of Texas
Grayson Pichon: University of Texas
James Yang:  University of Texas

2014-2015 Seniors
Harrison Alff:  Baylor University
Tyler Foglesong:  Texas A&M University
Daniel Green:
Andrew Holson:  Louisiana Tech University
Rome Lauer: Army
Gabe Lombard:  LSU
Brett Vinzant:  Texas A&M University
Garrett Winkelmann:  Texas A&M University

2013-2014 Seniors
David Carpenter:  Attending Baylor University
Vincent Castellano:  Attending Lonestar Community College
Price Dalton:  Playing basketball at Rhodes College
Matt Empleo:  Attending Texas A&M University
Ryan Mundt:  Playing football at Trinity University
Fikayo Olamigoke:  Attending Rice University
Doug Peters:  Attending Colorado University
Malcolm White:  Running track at Nebraska University

2012-2013 Seniors
Chris Atkins: Attending Houston Baptist University
Austin Boister: Attending Texas A&M University
Dalton Cade: Attending Arkansas University
Daniel Dubois:  Attending Texas Tech University
Josh Graham: Attending Texas A&M University
Philip Kerr: Attending Texas A&M University
Grant Phillips: Attending Texas A&M University
Walt Prudhomme: Attending Texas A&M University
Michael Walters: Attending Houston Community College

2011-2012 Seniors
Rob Atkins
Connor Cella
Kanen Helbig
Blake Provost
John Starks 
Pablo Velez

Game Photos
Teacher Appreciation Night - Rob Atkins with Mrs. Tilford
Wolfpack Softball 2012
Taylor Vs Clements
Home Opener 2015-2016
Team Pictures
WolfPack 2011
WolfPack 2011
Home Opener
Home Opener 2014-2015
  • Mustangs open the season at HOME vs Brenham High School on November 14th at 7:00 PM.
  • Mustang Basketball website originated in the summer of 2010.
  • A huge thank you to all our sponsors for all your support this season.
  • Please check out all our sponsors and visit their websites.
  • Our first practice is on October 25th, the official start of our season.

Countdown to
Season Opener at HOME vs Brenham High School

(Nov 14, 2017 @ 7:00pm)

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