Name POS H DOB School Hometown Status exp
Shantal Dozier USAF/Tsgt N
Jessica Player USAF/Msgt/Available N
00 Annie Graham G South Carolina USAF ASU ROTC/Inactive 3
0 Irisa Kennedy G Montgomery, AL CIV/Available N
1 Lydia Morrow G 5'6" Lynn, IN USAF/SrA/Inactive 4
2 Rachael Young G R. E. Lee H. S. Montgomery, AL USAFR/Available 4
3 Kira Gonzales G 5'8" USAFA Olathe, KS USAF/SOS/Available N
5 Amy Ornelas G California USAF/Available N
10 Jordan Dolan G USAF/ACSC/Available N
10 Jordan Dolan G USAF/Available N
12 LaNia Hendix G Huntingdon College DEP/Available N
14 Tashera Chisolm G 5'6" Detroit, MI USAF/SSgt/Inactive 3
15 Teresa Koziol F USAFA USAF/Inactive 1
20 Candice Nelson G 5'4" Arkansas DEP/Available 4
21 Brenneek Watkins G R. E. Lee H. S. Montgomery, AL CIV/Available 1
22 Ashley Franklin F/C USAFA USAF/SOS/Available N
22 Ashley Franklin F/C USAFA USAF/Available N
23 Ishaovbua Ayeni C/F CIV/Inactive N
25 Kiera Nelson G Jefferson Davis H. S. Montgomery, AL USAFR/Available N
30 Alessa Ash F Stuttgart, Ger DEP/Available N
31 Jenny Campbell G/F Spring Hill College Vernon, FL DEP/Inactive N
32 Veronica Golden G 5'6" Huntingdon College Dadeville, AL USAFR/CIV/Inactive 4
33 Tawana Harris-Cannon C/F Alabama State University Bullock Co CIV/Inactive 5
42 Lauren Russell F 5'10" Prince George Washington, DC USAF/SSgt/Available 3
50 Melanie Gess F 5'10" Auburn University-Montgomery Notalsulga, AL CIV/Inactive 4


Name Hometown Status email
Larry Williams Montgomery, AL USN(ret)/CIV
Tron Heard
Kyndra Bryant Georgia USAF

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