Name Position Phone Email
Mark Smith League Director  732-822-9720 
Duncan Ferguson Umpire Director  732-513-3914 
Mike Rhodes Mgr- Ardena Baptist  732-241-0744 
Tom Detamore Asst. Mgr-Ardena Baptist  732-309-8533 
Ken Albinowski Mgr- Cornerstone Blue  732-962-8315 
Paul Lepore Mgr- Colts Neck CC  908-216-7878 
Logan Dustin Mgr- CrossPoint Baptist  732-610-8487 
Brian Van Nortwick Mgr-Grace and Peace  848-448-1125 
Chris Raike Mgr-Grace Bible   732-614-6637 
Frank Annunziata Mgr-Grace Bible   732-674-8904 
John DeAngelo Mgr- Grace Bible Fellowship  908-461-6552 
Kenny Zawacki Mgr-New Beginnings  732-657-3500 
Dave Joyner Mgr-Shore Christian  732-272-3468 
Isaac Friedel Asst Mgr-Shore Christian  732-610-5390 
Mike Piccicacco Mgr-St. Denis  732-496-7287 
Kyle Loveless Mgr-St. Marthas  732-948-5600 
Dave Cavenaugh Mgr- St. Pauls  732-267-4822 
Mike Jensen Asst. Mgr- St. Pauls  908-309-5703 
Tom O'Hearn Asst. Mgr - St. Pauls  732-581-6365 
Frank Kearns Mgr - St. Peters A  732-284-1062 
Mike DeFalco Mgr- St. Peters B  732-539-0888 
Mike Grindall Mgr-St. Peters C  732-691-6537 
Bill Cadmus Mgr-Trinity Bible  908-513-4606 
Hunter Petrick Mgr- Trinity Toms River  732-691-6293 
Jim Cagliostro Mgr-5th Avenue Chapel  908-489-3539 


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St. Marthas5410.800-
Grace and Peace A2101.7501.0
St. Peters A4121.3752.0