# Name POS  B T GRAD
Roshan Aiyar
Ryan Castoral
Colin D'Angelo
Kevin DallePazze
Ean Dauer
Ronit Deshpande
AJ Guilamo
Shaun Johnson
Jerome Jones
Tanner Kell
Garrett Maloney
Shea McGuire
Christopher Nevius
Jack O'Reilly
Matt Roman
Ryan Sullivan
Drazen Medich 1B R R 2018
Nicholas Ciuffreda 1B/P L R 2019
Trevor Delcampe 3B R R 2018
Jake Ari C R R 2017
Abhishek Upadhyay Man, 2017
Achyut Upadhyay Man. 2017
Owen Cutaneo OF R R 2017
Aidan Jodoin OF R R 2018
Evan Viggiano-Nini OF R R 2017
Tanner Adamczyk OF/P R L 2017
Ryan Kaelblen OF/P R R 2018
Kai Delcampe P R R 2017
Sebastian Vargas P R R 2017
Stephen Kop P/3B R R 2018
Kiran Aiyar P/OF R R 2017
Joseph Hiner SS/2B R R 2018
Adam Zakaria SS/2B L R 2019


# Name
36 Andrew Septer
Jason Zegarski
Ryan Kmiec
Jason Adams

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First Practice

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