2015 Junior Blaze Concession and 50/50

April 25 2015 11:30am Alcos/Cratty Reston
  2:00pm Kolb/Berry  
April 29 2015 5:30pm Stovman/Wickins Ring
May 3 2015 12:30pm Knight/Moore Alcos
  3:00pm Ring/Reston  
May 6 2015 6:30pm Alcos/Berry Cratty
May 17 2015 10:30am Kolb/Moore Badke
  1:00pm Cratty/Ring  
June 10 2015 6:30pm Badke/Stovman Berry
June 12 2015 5:00pm Knight/Wickins Kristensen
  7:30pm Reston/Stovman  
June 21 2015 8:30am Alcos/Ring Stovman
  11:00am Badke/Moore  
June 24 2015 6:30pm Kolb Wickins
July 8 2015 6:30pm Reston/Moore Knight
July 12 2015 11:30am Ring/Alcos Kolb
  2:00pm Reston/Knight  
July 15 2015 6:30pm Knight/Kolb Wickins



Concession duty and 50/50 is part of each families commitment to the Langley Blaze. Please make sure to arrive for your shifts on time.
If for some reason you are unable to make your shift, it is your responsibility to find another family to fill in for you.

Thank you for your support.





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