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Shea Stadium - Nice day At Shea! - -photo by Manny O.
Rattlers 35 2008
Yankee Stadium - A perfect night in the Bronx! - -photo by Manny O.
SBC Park - Barry breaks walk record. Bonds stays in SF for 2007.
Mike Rippenkroeger - Ripper @ SS
Manny Ocampo - Manny Ocampo
Dodger Stadium - A view from home plate. Dodger Stadium prior to remodeling in 2006.
Rattlers 35 2007
Jake & Finn - Bat Boy Buddies!
Rattlers 45 2009 - Steve, Jessie & Emilio
  • Welcome to the home of the Las Vegas Rattlers!
  • Las Vegas/Henderson Area Men's Adult Hardball Baseball!
  • Rattlers 50+ head PHOENIX in October 2016!
  • 35+ Team Now Competing in 2016 Local League!
  • Email LasVegasRattlers@aol.com to inquire about playing!
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Player of the game (Mar 12/18)

Dan Clemens

Championship Pitcher Full Game 6-1 Victory!!