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It has been a tough season for baseball in Manitoba. A two-year hiatus due to Covid-19 left players lagging behind in their baseball skill development. Mother Nature did not cooperate, leaving organizers to reschedule games. Practices became hard to squeeze in. 
Kudos go to those players and their coaches who worked very diligently to improve their skill level under these circumstances. 
A special note of appreciation goes to Clare Leslie who each spring gets our main diamond in shape to play ball and continues to work toward eradicating the gopher population throughout the summer.
Glen and Missy Lounsbury, owners of Knots Lumber in Treherne, graciously donated two boxes of game baseballs for the 13U and 15U teams, while Pittet’s Hardware of Holland provided a couple of equipment bags for the Rally Cap program. Patti Hacault supplied the 15U and 18U teams with baseball caps. 
The Holland Recreation Committee would like to extend its appreciation to the following managers, coaches and those “unsung” parents for the effort and skills they brought to the Holland A’s and Pembina North baseball teams this season. 

Alison Van De Spiegle
Julie Burgoyne

Ryan Mangin
Joanne Gee
Steve Polson

9U Timbit Softball
Giselle Jeffrey
HollY Mahon

Jolene Ross
Gradyn Ross
Mike Pshebniski
Rolly Poiron
Anastasis Marginet Kubinec
Glen Lounsbury
Tracy Gates
Chris Suderman

Patti Hacault
Glen Lounsbury
Connor Rutherford
Kaylem Grift

Patti Hacault
Craig Soldier
J P Pittet


Keep in mind, as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. The entire community of volunteers, parents and families have contributed and interact positively with our young people to live and grow in the game of baseball.
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