FHSXC Teams for Various Events:

Foster High School runners can compete at the levels of Open, Freshmen, Junior Varsity and Varsity.  


Each team can vary on who is running with it each week based on attendance, health, competition and more. Example, if a team we are facing has a strong JV team, Coach may run only 5 Varsity runners, moving runners 6 & 7 down to JV to win both divisions.  Coaches can place any number of runners in any race, from 0 to 7, based on the coaches decisions.  (A few meets allow your top 10 runners). Some meets has a gold division, then Varsity goes to Gold, JV goes to Varsity, Open runners go to JV, and Freshman stay Freshman.



Any runner not on the Freshmen, Junior Varsity or Varsity  rosters can run in this event.  


Only the fastest 7 Freshmen runners from the school race, and in that race only the fastest 5 runners count.  Your two slowest runners do not score.  Only Freshmen can run Freshman races.  In most cases, only boys run this event.

JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM, RACE-5k or 3.1 miles and sometime 3 miles

Only the 8th -14th fastest runners from the school race, and in that race only the fastest 5 runners count.  Your two slowest runners do not score. Freshmen, Sophmores and Juniors can qualify. Seniors are not allowed.  

VARSITY TEAM, RACE-5k or 3.1 miles and sometime 3 miles

Only the fastest 7 runners from the school race, and in that race only the fastest 5 runners count.  Your two slowest runners do not score. Freshmen, Sophmores, Juniors and Seniors can qualify.



Runners compete at local meets and the Season ends with the District Meet, Then the Regional Meet, and finally the State Meet.



Our district is made up of 8 area schools.  Freshman, JV & Varsity teams compete.  This meet officially ends the Freshmen and Junior Varsity season. Team are awarded First, Second and Third.  Varsity teams must finish in the top 3 to move forward to the Regional Meet. The top 10 runners in the District meet at each level are placed on the  "ALL-DISTRICT TEAM".  At the Freshmen & JV level this is just an Honor, but at the Varsity level it means that if our Varsity team did not make it to Regionals, the runner awarded "ALL-DISTRICT TEAM" will move forward to the Regional Meet to compete with out his team.   Middle Schools will compete in a seperate event that actually splits the 7th graders and 8th graders f rom one another.



Our Region is made up of Districts 17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24 in 5A Region III.  About 70 schools. Qualifying Varsity teams and "ALL DISTRICT TEAM" runners compete.  Teams are awarded First, Second and Third.  Varsity teams must finish in the top 4 to move forward to the State Meet.  The top 10 runners in the Regional meet are placed on the  "ALL-REGIONAL TEAM".  At the Varsity level it means that if your team did not make it to State, the runner awarded "ALL-REGIONAL TEAM" will move forward to the State Meet to compete without his or her team.  


Only the Best.  The state meet is made up of every high school in Texas.  Texas has 1750+ high schools with about 1.5 Million Kids. Top 3 teams are awarded and the Top 15 Runners are awarded "ALL-STATE TEAM".   



Grading Procedures

The daily responsibilities of the athlete will assist in molding the student into respectful maturing adult. In order for this to occur the student-athlete needs to develop consistent positive routines in her daily life. Athletics is not only what goes on out on the running

course, but what goes on in the classroom, at home, and in the real world. Attendance, participation, and keeping track of your equipment all goes into account of your grade in the class\sport.




1.The students will be required to pay a small user fee for apparel for the upcoming  season.

2.   All student-athletes are required to provide their own socks, shoes, and must have a pair (preferably two) of black shorts, if possible, Nike

3.  The athlete will be provided with a variety of athletic equipment including but not limited to: meet uniform, warmups, sweats, practice shorts and t-shirt, and a backpack. The thirty dollars does not cover damage or loss of an item provided by the school. There will be an additional fee assessed when the item is lost or damaged, which is the cost of replacing the item. Athletes are to wear school issued or school colored clothing to practice and meets.

4.  Athletes will also be responsible for the cleanliness and condition of the locker room. Weekly assignments will be given to athletes to double check specific areas of the locker room for upkeep and cleanliness.

5.  Lamar CISD Athletic Guidelines and Code of Conduct will be followed. This must be agreed to and signed by the student/athlete and the parent/guardian.

2. The student athlete must have the Lamar CISD online packet with physical, consent to treat, UIL athletic guidelines, and acknowledgement of rules on file with the FHS\BJH Athletic Trainer in order to participate in practices or meets.

3. Runners are required to be on time for all workouts, meetings, meets. (Example: 6:20 A.M. is on time for a 6:30 A.M. practice). Being tardy will result in participation restrictions from practice or meets, and once school starts, -5 for the 6 weeks, and every additional time out unexcused an additional -10 points. (therefore, if you miss practice 4 times unexcused, a grade of 65 would be in the gradebook, which would be FAILING). 

4. Attendance will be taken by the coaches each day. Runners must check in before practice and at the conclusion of practice.

5. Tardies: If an athlete reports late for academic meetings, they are required to submit a pass from the teacher who detained them showing the time they were dismissed. They must report dressed out no less than 20 minutes after the time indicated on the pass. This will also effect their grade with a -3 for each time they are tardy, -5 for each additional time of being tardy.  Repeated offenses in this matter may result in dismissal. ( This is for workouts that are after school or during 1st period if the student/athlete was attending a tutorial for example).

6. Excused Absences: The only legitimate excuse from practice is absence from school (i.e. funeral, illness, surgery). When runners return to school, they will bring their slip and a note from parents or legal guardians to the coach. It is important that parents and athletes directly communicate with their coaches as soon as they know they will be absent for practice/school.

7. Runners must be academically eligible to compete. Eligibility will be checked during each grading period. If a student is failing a single class for any 2 progress report or report card, a parent /student conference will be set up between the student, parent and the coach

with a possibility of being dismissed from the team. We must have kids that are dedicated to the classroom. Athletes are required to practice during their ineligible time. All attempts are to be made to attend tutorials, school club meetings, retesting after school. If the

assigned training cannot be completed fully, for the reasons above, it may result in restrictions from meet participation or dismissal from the team. An athlete must be able to balance both academics and athletics as a student-athlete.


8. Injured athletes are expected to be present at practices and at meets as they are a part of the FHSXC\BJHXC Team. Attendance needs to occur so that athletes do not miss out on important information related to the team, they can assist in managing practices, and

go to the trainers to get appropriate help. Athletes who are sick or injured for 3 or more days need a doctor’s note.

9. In order to compete on our team in meets an athlete is required to complete all workouts, so attendance and completion of training sessions are two big indicators on an athlete’s level of meet participation. If an athlete is in another sport in the same season, they are

still required to get their practices in and done correctly. During the season and preferably all year, a cross country athlete needs to be in 1st period cross country and practice before school. If an athlete is not in 1st period they must complete their practice in a timely fashion

before (6-7am) school. 

10. Every attempt should be made by the athlete to schedule doctor appointments, school related meetings and tutorials at a time that does not conflict with regularly scheduled practice times. Cross country runners need to attend these types of meetings in the afternoon.

11. Anyone using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs will be subject to the policies of the Katy ISD Athletic Guidelines and Code of Conduct as well as UIL policies.


Becoming Involved with FHSXC

The parent’s role is critical in the success of the Foster High School Cross Country program. Help out our program by getting involved.

1. Booster Club– Sign up and volunteer at athletic events other than cross country. Become a voice for our program at meetings. 

2. Fundraising: Ideas and assistance are always needed to be bring in money for special projects and athletic needs.

3. Important UIL Information: http://www.uil.utexas.edu/athletics/manuals/pdf/parent_information.pdf

4. Forms: Athlete Packet with physical, consent, acknowledgement of rules, insurance info.

5. Consistency starts at home: nutrition (diet), sleep, weekend workouts-Athletes daily mileage is based on a 7 day running schedule.

6. Respect the team environment and camp throughout practices and meets. The sport and each race requires tremendous focus.

78. Please save all "good lucks" and "great jobs" for before and after the meets. Please take as many photos and video as possible while not impeding on the warmup, race, and cooldowns.


Contact Information and Important Websites

FHS Fieldhouse Fax:

Coach Konkolewski Contact: rkonkolewski@lcisd.org

Trainer Contact:  Tiffany Kizziah tkizziah@lcisd.org

Conference Period: 6th Period


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