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                                                                This is a place where we develop ministick players to improve and have fun. Although we like to have fun we also can be serious at times occasionally like if were not listening to our instructors or if it's a big game and we need to focus, but our main priority is to improve as a team and play as a team.Here in this orgonization we try and practice on weekends on either Saturday or Sunday usually in the afternoon and like to have games during week days even later in the afternoon.We want you to dress appropriately during games and practices wearing sweat pants,T-shirts,and socks.You need to show up 15 minuts before games for coach pep talks and pre game preporations.Also their's no cruelty or bullying on this team. you must be nice to your teammates and respect your coaches.But remember the most important thing is to have fu nbecause if your not having fun it's not worth playing for.

Oct 25/16

  Posted October 25, 2016

Make sure to be at our Bandits tryouts scheduled on October 29th and final roster complete on November 6th if you don't know where the Bandits practice arena is check out https://ballcharts.com/team/?team=Eaglewoodministicks&pg=fields...

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Oct 25/16

October 25, 2016   read more
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