2018 Dugald Morrison Baseball Field Users

Field Use Rules

  1. Field must be raked and returned to 'ready to play' condition after each use including games and practices.
  2. Tarps should be put in place if rain is in forecast.
  3. All supplies should be returned to bin. Bin should be locked and keys returned to lock box.
  4. Pitcher platform must be used when throwing batting practice from area in front of mound.
  5. Field screens and pitcher platform should be moved behind third base dugout after practice.

Field Booking

  1. Weekday practice times are from 4PM to 6PM and 6PM to dark. 
  2. Once the season starts each team can book a mximum of two practice times in advance. Practice times will be reserved no more than two weeks in advance.
  3. Any practice time that is still open within 48 hours will be given out on a first come-first served basis.
  4. Rescheduled games will take priority over practice times.
  5. Check the Calendar section for open times for practices or rescheduling games. 
  6. To book a practice time please email rubewaddell@hotmail.com.

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