2016 Co-Rec Sunday Fall Ball


10/16/16: Follow your schedule for games rained out on 10/2. The games missed on 10/9 will then be played on 10/23. The playoffs will be on 10/30.
The schedule is posted in the HANDOUTS  section in the far left column
SCORES this year are to be reported to the umpire of your game



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There are other factors involved in cancelling games than the sunny weather conditions on game day:

1. not all, but many fields may have very soft areas that would be a hazard. Extra drying time enables a better possibility to play the men's games in the afternoon.

2. The league is responsible for the damage to the fields. If teams cause ruts, etc in the morning, the fields could be unplayable by afternoon. The cost of such repairs is high.

3. If it stopped raining earlier on Saturday, a decision would be made by 7am. Cancelling Saturday night is a courtesy to teams, based on the conditions at the time, to assist in notifying players.

4. Cancelling some games and not others based on field conditions, still requires a make-up week. It is more efficient to reschedule the whole week and avoid confusion.


 Unfortunately, the costs incurred by the league don't change due to the rainouts ( trophies, permits, etc.)

The fall league fee, which is drastically lower than the spring league, is not a per game fee. It is a participation fee.

The permits are for a length of time, not hours or games.

Every attempt will be made to play all scheduled games.







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  • 10/16 games are make up games rained out on 10/2
  • 10/23 games are games missed on 10/9
  • 10/30 PLAYOFFS

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