If the Spaceballs Win and Their Captain Isn't There, Does it Count?

Posted July 30, 2015

After more than a month away on assignment news coverage of the Spaceballs has returned. First there was a stint in Coronach, SK covering nothing, but being covered in dead baby bird residue. That was followed by a much more enjoyable visit to the Pan Am games in Toronto. Your intrepid reporter covered rugby sevens (a fast-paced, hard-hitting, badass sport that puts football to shame), field hockey (very fit, athletic women hitting a really, really hard ball all over a soccer field), water polo (people trying to drown each other), beach volleyball (water cannons, dancers, oh and some sportsing), and baseball (like Spaceballs, but with less Balls!).

Despite all the fun, it was good to be back at Little Mountain (even if only for a brief visit before the next assignment). The Spaceballs saw their winning streak snapped against a familar foe (Fowl Balls) in the first game. A combination of good hit placement by their opponents and some rusty-looking team defense. It was mostly Ben, but we can pretend it was the whole team to make him feel less like the guy who cost us the game. Hope he doesn't read this. Can he read?

Game two was much better with a good combination of timely hitting and much improved defense resulting in a big win. With only two more game days left before playoffs, this is the kind of form the team needs to show down the stretch. Next up is a trip to the Arctic to cover Mosquito Armageddon. Totally as fun as it sounds.

Phillip Asshole

P.S. Some stats have been updated, but there is a lot of catching up to do and more will be entered shortly.


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