How do you make The Kraken?

Posted June 2, 2015

You take one Dark Monkey, one Drunken Monkey, and blend together with one bone-rattling, arm-flailing collision in the outfield. Yum! Sure, you also get bruised ribs, sore necks, and sore arms, but no one ever said making delicious rum was easy.

Sadly, that was the only significant contact on Monday night. The bats were eeriely quiet and only the gloves kept the games close on a rainy, blustery evening. Two close losses (one assisted by a very unfortunate call) were the end result.  WIth that in mind, player of the day goes to the solid defensive effort of Donaskroob. Yes, that's correct, he didn't cost the team the game. He opted instead, to catch everything hit his way.

Fan of the game, goes to Jordan's much better half for sitting in the rain and watching the team lose just a little over a week after giving birth to triplets.

Gunner's Mate First Class, Phillip Asshole




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