Name Position Email
Mike Johnson Captain 
Mer Johner AssCap 
Jason Walmsley  
Ian Lyons  
Dave Morgan  
Joel Jamieson  
Jordan Levine  
Jeff Pinchon  
Matt Donahue  
Ben Vickery  
Heather Beattie  
Rob Timlick  
Mel Morison  
Ryan Birdsell  
Shawna McKenzie  
Justin Danielson  
Lauren Skelly Scorekeeper 
Ryan McDougall  
Bryna Skelly  
Lauren Donahue Sub 
Kathleen Dawson Treasurer 

  • Welcome to the new home of SPACEBALLS: THE SLO-PITCH TEAM
  • Home of the bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps.
  • Where MegaMerMaid both sucks and blows.


A Tale of Two Seasons

August 23, 2016   read more

Too Much Suck to Count

May 12, 2016   read more

We Be Spaceballin

September 29, 2015   read more

Spaceballs: The Championship Team

August 17, 2015   read more

If the Spaceballs Win and Their Captain Isn't There, Does it Count?

July 30, 2015   read more

How do you make The Kraken?

June 02, 2015   read more
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Sat Sep 28/19 5:25pm:
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Sat Sep 28/19 5:25pm:
DIV3: PCS2 -
DIV3: PBS3 -
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