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# Name POS  B T
4 Nolan Scholz 1B, P R R
99 Mo Takeshi 2B, OF S R
13 Alexi Jubinville 3B, 2B, SS, P R R
24 Tyson Smith 3B, P R R
Carter Osiowy C L R
7 Aaron Cripps C, 2B, 3B R R
Emmett Scholz C, OF R R
3 Andre Vien OF L R
23 Owen Ellison OF, P R R
46 Ian Gowrie OF, P R R
11 Ryden Lemoine OF, P L R
20 Andrew Reich OF, P L R
9 Brenden Dagert P R R
2 Jordan Helgason P R L
21 Kaeden Morris P R R
6 Francois Legal P, 1B L L
12 Ben Baydock P, 1B, 2B R R
89 Alex Mushtat P, 3B R R
26 Jeremie Pantel P, 3B, SS, 1B R R
Kayleb Pelland P, SS, OF, 3B S R
8 Kyle Dow SS, C S R

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Recent Results
Wed Sep 13/23 7:30pm:
K B O Allstars 13
St. Boniface Brewers 11
Mon Sep 11/23 7:30pm:
S Winnipeg Longhorns 3
St. Boniface Brewers 8
Fri Sep 8/23 9:15pm:
St. Boniface Brewers 14
K B O Allstars 5


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